Vidispine 4.9 is out on AWS and Azure Marketplace

By Vidispine - April 25, 2017

We are proud to say we have the 4.9 release of Vidispine Server out on the AWS/Azure Marketplaces. Just head over and pick it up, then come back and show us all the great thing you build with it.

Vidispine 4.9 is out on AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, and in the official repo. Find details about the Marketplace offerings on the Vidispine pricing page. If you need the latest version of .NET SDK it can be found in the Support Portal.

Service configuration

It is now possible to configure if Vidispine services should be allowed to run on a specific server instance. For example, in a clustered setup, some instances could be configured to only serve API requests by disabling all background services.

Glacier improvements

Files on S3 buckets that have been archived on Glacier using lifecycle rules will now automatically be restored when copied between storages.It is now also possible to configure the S3 retrieval policy for faster restores from Glacier. This can be configured per job or per storage using the retrievalTier parameter.

OpenAPI 2 compatibility

The API can now be configured to accept query parameters where matrix parameters are expected. This can make it easier to use Vidispine with clients/specifications that do not support matrix parameters, such as OpenAPI 2.


There are numerous other improvements and fixes in 4.9 Рto read about them, head over to the API documentation and the 4.9 release notes.