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Vidinet Cognitve Services
Artificial Intelligence
Why Vidispine Becomes Cognitive

As times are changing when it comes to building modern media supply chains, it is vital for any content owner, CTO or technical strategist to challenge the traditional view on what machines can, and cannot do. Learn how cognitive services can take your MAM to the next level in this blog post.

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The Clouds are Clearing

Worth watching from an IABM panel on cloud and the media industry. Hear Vidispine’s CEO discuss the impact and opportunities of the cloud together with other industry insiders.

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Media Supply Chain
Media Supply Chain and... Standardization

This is part 1 in a new blog post series about the Media Supply Chain. In our previous set of articles on this topic, we discussed the What, Why, Where and How of the Media Supply Chain, covering the fundamentals of what the media supply chain is and how to go about building one. In this new series, we are going to go a little further and explore some important peripheral topics and issues.

In part one, we are going to pick up on a topic that was touched upon in the penultimate of previous articles – standardization.

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The first ever event exceeded all expectations, with close to 100 visitors from eight countries coming together in Stockholm, Sweden to discuss the latest technology topics of the moment. This new technology-focused conference, aimed at developers, solution architects and senior technologists in the media and video platform industry, provided major insights into a side of the Media and Entertainment industry that other events do not cover in such depth.

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Artificial Intelligence
Media Supply Chain
Automate your digital supply chain with new VidiNet services from Nablet

Vidispine partner Nablet is a German company with a strong track record in the broadcast and media industry. Nablet codecs are utilized by many leading transcoders, including our own VidiCoder. Together, we’ve now made the latest innovations from Nablet, Shrynk and Heightscreen, accessible to all by making them available in the VidiNet media services Platform-as-a-Service.

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WIG - podcast
Future Trends
New podcast series for the media technology industry!

Conversations about the evolving media technology world, insightful discussions about industry news, and useful answers to your questions – this is what you can expect from the new podcast series by WIG! Listen in and learn from industry experts, first episode is now released!

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Image_what is video encoding
What is video encoding?

Video encoding refers to the process of reducing the size of video files as well as converting them into another digital format. It is often used interchangeably with the term transcoding. But, they are not necessarily the same, which we will delve deeper into and explain further down in this article.

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IABM panel
Media Supply Chain
A Special Panel on Cloud

It should be easy to move between clouds. Avoid cloud lock-ins. A solution should be able to handle media that is both in the cloud, in other clouds and on-premise. Demand cost transparency, Make sure there is an API” was the message from Vidispine’s CTO, at the IABM Future Trends Theatre during IBC 2018.

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