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The latest from Vidispine in product releases and industry news.

Nablet release

Automate your digital supply chain with new VidiNet services from Nablet

Vidispine partner Nablet is a German company with a strong track record in the broadcast and media industry. Nablet codecs are utilized by many leading transcoders, including our own VidiCoder. Together, we’ve now made the latest innovations from Nablet, Shrynk and Heightscreen, accessible to all by making them available in the VidiNet media services Platform-as-a-Service.

WIG - podcast

New podcast series for the media technology industry!

Conversations about the evolving media technology world, insightful discussions about industry news, and useful answers to your questions – this is what you can expect from the new podcast series by WIG! Listen in and learn from industry experts, first episode is now released!

Image_portfolio changes_vidispine_unsplash

Introducing the new Vidispine Product Portfolio

A key driver in uniting the Arvato Systems media & entertainment and Vidispine portfolios under one brand was the new products and innovations that straddled both identities. However, bringing the portfolio together also gave us the opportunity to restructure the combined portfolio, including renaming some elements, to make it clear how the various parts fit together. In this blog post, we give you an introduction to the changes.

Image: Vidispine rebrand: what just happened

What just happened?

On July 1st, the portfolio of Vidispine and Arvato Systems Broadcast Solutions united under “Vidispine” as a re-launched go-to-market brand. Sounds sensible, but what does that actually mean? Why, why now, what is a go-to-market brand, and what does it all mean for me? Let’s try to answer some of those questions. 

AWS Image & Video Analysis - VCS

AWS Image & Video Analysis in Vidinet Cognitive Services

Media content has always had quite a limited amount of information associated with it. Quite often this is the file name, short description and some technical metadata that the ingest process may have extracted from the source file. Wouldn’t it be great if we use technology here to harvest this metadata data info automatically instead?

The answer is machine learning video analysis – a technology that trains computer software to detect objects, faces, and environments in the media content.

Transcribe UI

Vidinet Cognitive Services – AWS Speech to Text

There are many reasons to transcribe your spoken content in your media. The first reason that comes to mind is, of course, subtitling. Not only in the natively spoken language but also in translated versions. According to multiple research, subtitled videos improve reach, CTA, reactions, and share rates significantly. The second reason is, of course, to help you find the content you are looking for – do you remember the soundbite that the CEO made in that speech – but where is it?

Vidinet Cognitve Services

Why Vidispine Becomes Cognitive

Vision and hearing are your main senses when experiencing a movie. You recognize the actors, you understand the spoken language even if it is not your native language. You follow the story and enjoy the amazing film photo of the different environments – and by sharing all these experiences you can not only relate to the movie itself but also convince your friend to see the movie.

Wouldn’t it be great if your Media Asset Management system could possess similar capabilities when managing your media? Being able to understand the language? Recognize actors, detect and define parts of the image – maybe also differentiate between genres? But how?


How to build hybrid cloud solutions with the Vidispine Server Agent

A hybrid cloud storage solution is the quickest route when you need the flexibility and scalability of a cloud solution, but have on-premise assets that are impractical to move to the cloud. The Vidispine Server Agent (VSA) is Vidispine’s hybrid cloud storage solution allowing you to keep your original assets safely on-premise while still running a Vidispine solution in the Vidinet cloud infrastructure.

A transformation of the media tech industry IMAGE

A transformation of the media technology industry

In IABM’s newly released report we can read about the effect of the transformation happening in the media technology industry and how we can convert this into opportunities for our businesses. Get a glimpse of the results from the report, and read our thoughts on it here.

Vidispine API 5.0

Vidispine API 5.0 - Now Released!

Here is something we don’t do very often, a new major release! We are proud to present to you: Vidispine API 5.0. The new Vidispine API 5.0 comes with a lot of new features, but also an overhaul of the underlying components of Vidispine. This helps customers deploy Vidispine on more environments, it includes several performance and security fixes, and it makes it easier to build faster and larger systems.

Vidipine turns ten

Vidispine Turns Ten

One decade old or young, Vidispine is celebrating its tenth anniversary. We want to thank all our loyal customers, partners and friends for your support over the years. Below you will find a short interview with the founders Erik and Isak where they answer some questions on the occasion of the anniversary. 1


The first ever event exceeded all expectations, with close to 100 visitors from eight countries coming together in Stockholm, Sweden to discuss the latest technology topics of the moment. This new technology-focused conference, aimed at developers, solution architects and senior technologists in the media and video platform industry, provided major insights into a side of the Media and Entertainment industry that other events do not cover in such depth.


Vidispine API 4.16 released together with Vidinet improvments

We have released Vidispine API 4.16, made improvements in the Vidinet Platform and extended the VDT UI Components with new components.


Availability of AWS Elemental MediaConvert on Vidinet

August 20, 2018 – Vidispine announced today the availability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elemental MediaConvert on the Vidinet media services platform, featuring API integration between the Vidispine API with AWS Elemental MediaConvert through the Vidinet media service platform.

IABM panel

Cloud based media supply chains

It should be easy to move between clouds. Avoid cloud lock-ins. A solution should be able to handle media that is both in the cloud, in other clouds and on-premise. Demand cost transparency, Make sure there is an API” was the message from Vidispine’s CTO, at the IABM Future Trends Theatre during IBC 2018.

The Clouds are Clearing

Worth watching from an IABM panel on cloud and the media industry. Hear Vidispine’s CEO discuss the impact and opportunities of the cloud together with other industry insiders.

Arvato systems logo


When we founded Vidispine 2009, we wanted to build a software platform to make it easier than ever before to build innovative, video-based, solutions. Now we join The Bertelsmann family as part of the Arvato Systems group and continue our path with a much stronger organization to back us up and partner with.

We need a smarter MAM

We need smarter MAM

Famous Notorious B.I.G. quote “mo money, mo problems” translated into the media asset management landscape by Alex Buchanan from NMR. More media means more problems, and to remedy we need a smarter MAM.