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Welcome to Vidispine -Your Leading Sports Media Solution Provider

In our Vidispine team, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge sports media services and solutions for the entire sports industry. With a strong focus on the sports sector, we've become a trusted partner, highlighted by our work with entities like the NFL's Las Vegas Raiders. Our goal is to streamline your operations and empower you with innovative tools to stay ahead in the competitive world of sports.


When looking at our key requirements, in addition to the protection and the searchability of our media assets, what the Vidispine portfolio was able to offer, the choice was clear. The Vidispine system does everything we need today plus keeps us ready for future developments and functionality. Working with a vendor that has experience with sports media requirements and specifically the NFL was a major plus point.

Las Vegas Raiders

Sports Asset Management by Vidispine – The Perfect Fit for Teams and Leagues

A sports media asset management system offers many benefits to the industry, contributing to improved operational efficiency, increased revenue potential, and better utilization of media assets for sports organizations.

Sports Data Management

Media Asset Management

Production Asset Management

Archive & Retrieve Media

Sports data management is crucial to sports teams, providing valuable insights into player performance, injury prevention, strategic planning, and fan engagement. Our solution, a cornerstone of our sports media services, ensures seamless integration with applications like the NFL`s Next Gen Stats.

It's about managing a diverse array of media: Game footage, Practice Footage, Scouting Footage, Interviews with players and coaches, Promotional Footage, Photos, Graphics & Animation, Audio clips, Music, and Historical/Archive footage. We provide a complete solution for sports asset management to handle every type of media asset a team needs to promote its business and brand.

Sports organizations and teams face the challenge of managing massive amounts of incoming video streams, including full game recordings and highlight edits. IT solutions play a crucial role here by optimizing the entire production process. Our sports media services facilitate central organization, cataloging, and searching for assets, making content discovery and reuse more efficient. Automated workflows and metadata management improve efficiency, while cloud platforms enable seamless team sharing and collaboration. Real-time monitoring and analytics ensure better control over production.

Empower your sports team with our cutting-edge 'Archive & Retrieve Media' services. We, as your dedicated IT-service provider, offer robust solutions for seamless storage, efficient organization, and quick access to extensive media content. From videos to images and broadcasts, our tailored systems ensure easy retrieval, enabling your team to analyze past performances, strategize effectively, and engage fans. Elevate your game with our IT support, preserving historical records and enhancing overall performance and brand presence.

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Learn more about how to leverage your future of sports media asset management

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Fast Deployment in Cloud or Hybrid Environment
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Integrated Adobe Premiere Production Management
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Modern API First Architecture 
Case Study - New MAM for Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders have teamed up with Vidispine to bring cutting-edge innovation to their media asset management.

Why Choose Vidispine for Your Sports Media Needs?

Unmatched Expertise

Our deep understanding of the sports industry enables us to develop tailored sports media services and solutions that meet your specific needs.

Modern API First Solution

We offer seamless integration with essential applications such as quality control and archiving, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Cost Effective

Our cloud based solution is quick to deploy and our subscription pricing models are financially attractive.

Proven Track Record

Trusted by leading sports organizations, we have a track record of delivering exceptional results and driving success in the industry.

Dedicated Support

Our team of experts is committed to providing you with the support you need every step of the way, ensuring your satisfaction and success.

Join us and embark on a transformative journey to revolutionize your sports media asset management and operations. Contact us today and let's work together to create a winning strategy for your success.

Partners & Associations


Adobe combines creativity with cloud expertise. By closely partnering and connecting our technologies, we create new digital experiences for our customers.


The partnership with the Sports Video Group gives us important access to the key players in the sports sector. The big benefit here is learning from each other, implementing innovations and exchanging experiences.

Amazon Web Services

As an AWS partner, we support you in the modern mapping of enterprise IT workloads in the cloud through the realization of cloud-native digital business models to the implementation of a contemporary DevOps operating model.

Vidispine Partner

In the area of IT solutions for the broadcast industry, we work with a wide range of partners. Our cloud ecosystem is continuously expanded with solutions from media experts.

Your Contact for Sports Media Solutions

John Proctor
Expert for Media Asset Management