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Video Transcoding
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Cognitive Services / AI
Video encoding

Media Supply Chain

Media Supply Chain

Streamline your digital content media supply chain with our media asset management platform VidiNet. Visit our website to read more.

Digital Content Supply Chain

A digital content supply chain entails the whole process of planning, creating, managing and deploying digital content such as videos and images/photos to your desired channels and target audiences.

Digital Media Supply Chain Definition

Read and learn about the Vidispine digital media supply chain solution VidiNet and what tools and features are readily available at your disposal.

Media and Entertainment Supply Chain

Read about how important a supply chain is in the media and entertainment industry and what benefits Vidispines media content supply chain provides.

Media Supply Chain Management

A Media Supply Chain Management comes with challenges. Learn more about these and what the workflow process looks like.

Media Asset Management

Media Asset Management (MAM)

Learn more about how our Media Asset Management Software System (MAM) enables you to streamline workflow and enhance collaboration.

MAM System

What is a MAM System and what are the processes of it? Learn more in this article.

What is Media Asset Management?

What is Media Asset Management and how can efficient MAM solutions make an important difference in your daily production environment?

Video Transcoding

Cloud Video Transcoding

Learn what cloud video transcoding is and how our cloud transcoding software can simplify your media workflows.

What is video transcoding?

What are the types of file format used in video transcoding, how is the video transcoding process is carried out, and is video transcoding the next big thing?

What is a Cloud Transcoding?

Cloud Transcoding refers to a media file conversion architecture online or “in the cloud“. Read more about cloud transcoding vs on-premise and the differences.

Media Transcoding

Media transcoding is a process that prepares a media format for a workflow purpose. Read more about the process and relevant software to handle this.

Production Asset Management

Production Asset Management Systems

Are you looking for a production asset management software system? Visit our website to learn more about our PAM system.

What is PAM (Production Asset Management)?

Learn about our PAM Production Asset Management that helps you handle the editing process in a media file lifecycle.

Production Workflow

The requirements for video production workflow steps can look a bit different depending on the type of user environment and software. Read more about it here!

Adobe Premiere Pro Workflow

Learn what an Adobe Premiere Pro's workflow is, and how to use Vidispine's industry-leading Production Asset Management system to create a collaborative workflow.

Cognitive Services / AI

Face Recognition - Everything you need to know

Face recognition is used everywhere; within law enforcement, airports and border control, unlocking phones, but also in the media industry. Here is everything you need to know about face recognition.

Video encoding

Video Encoding Software

Learn more about Vidispine's cloud video encoding services and its differences from video encoder hardware.

What is video encoding?

Video encoding refers to the process of reducing the size of video files as well as converting them into another digital format. It is often used interchangeably with the term transcoding. But, they are not necessarily the same, which we will delve deeper into and explain further down in this article.

How to choose the best encoding software

Just as with people, different encoders are better at different things. To find the best encoding software, you need to find an encoder with features that best suits your needs.

What is Cloud-Based Video Encoding?

Cloud-based video encoding refers to performing video encoding in the cloud. A cloud video encoding service brings you scalability, speed, and efficiency no matter where you are in the world.

Digital Archives Software

To archive video files successfully requires a consistent plan to logging, tagging, and categorizing the content. Learn how we can help you do it here.

Media Workflow Management

Vidispine's API-based media workflow management streamlines your digital media workflow with ease. Learn more today!

Video Production Management Software

Explore new ways to manage your video projects with our cloud-based video production management solutions for post-production workflows.

What is Video Asset Management Software

Video asset management software refers to different administrative systems to store and organize large amounts of video content.

Video Distribution Platform

What is a video distribution platform and why is it important when wanting to succeed with video?

Enterprise Digital Asset Management

Learn more about Vidispine's enterprise DAM software solutions & how DAM can streamline your handling of digital assets.

Video Archiving

Explore our video archive management software system and how Vidispine's solutions can enhance your video content management.

Video Metadata Management

What is video metadata and what types of video content metadata exists? Learn about the importance of it, and why you should build your meta-data driven video strategy with Vidispine.

What is AWS Elemental MediaConvert?

Learn what AWS Elemental MediaConvert is and how it provides you with the capability to ingest, process, package and deliver video content at scale.

What is a Media/Digital Asset Management Taxonomy?

A media/digital asset management taxonomy refers to a scheme of classification which is used to categorize and organize the metadata for digital assets. 

What is a Video CMS?

Learn more about what a Video CMS Software is and why having a Video Content Management System in place is so important.

What is a hybrid cloud?

What is a hybrid cloud solution and how can it help you handle new and complex challenges within the digital sphere? Learn how to get a flexible and scalable solution that can be optimized to support your needs.