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What is Cloud-Based Video Encoding?

Cloud-based video encoding refers to performing video encoding in the cloud. A cloud video encoding service brings you scalability, speed, and efficiency no matter where you are in the world. It brings a plethora of benefits in comparison with the traditional in-house encoding solution, which we will be covering on this page.

What are the Benefits of using a Cloud-Based Video Encoding?

  • Depending on how long they are - its video quality, and bitrate - video files may be extremely big. Encoding videos therefore demands for a substantial amount of processing power, putting heavy load on your hardware. If you want to be able to perform fast encoding at a large scale, you’ll have to spend a fortune just to obtain the hardware to support it.

    Investing in a cloud-based video encoding solution will in comparison give you access to practically unlimited processing power, allowing you to perform large scale encoding at high speeds.

  • Very few companies generate the same amount of video output each and every day, week, month, or year. A cloud-based video encoding service is fully scalable being able to support your demands however big or small they are.

  • While a cloud-based video encoding solution will almost certainly be more expensive on a “per minute” basis in all cases, it will decrease the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) while also being completely scalable with your business. It has the capacity to scale according to your needs and demands where you won’t risk having to pay for idle computer resources, only paying for what you use. 

Are there any drawbacks to using a Cloud Video Encoding service?

A key benefit of cloud processing is that you only get charged for what you use. However, this can also, in some cases, be a potential drawback. Unlike perpetual license models of the past, which could be amortised equally over several months or years, the “pay as you go” model of cloud encoding means that there may be variance in costs from month to month. Of course, this variability is likely proportional to business, but this can present a challenge in organizations typically used to longer budget planning cycles.

Cloud Video Encoding service at Vidispine

Contact Vidispine and get access to a fully scalable, cloud video encoding solution with a pay for what you use model. Through our media service platform, you get access to three different video encoders:

  • Our own encoder: VidiCoder
  • AWS Elemental MediaConvert
  • Bitmovin video encoder


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