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Production Asset Management

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When and Why Do You Need a PAM System?

As an editor, you want to be editing, not worrying about which storage bucket the piece of content you want is in, whether it’s in the right format, whether you’re editing the right project or even if you need to go into the office to do edit.  Editors want to focus on editing, and that’s what production asset management (PAM) enables. 


The production side of a media supply chain presents a number of challenges when amount of assets and versions grows. How do we ingest the media assets? Where are these assets stored? which version of media assets are we working on? how do we attached the necessary logging metdata data to the media? How to do we connect the cloud proxies with the source material?

A production asset management system (PAM) is designed for managing production workflows and keeping track of who’s working with each asset, and how they are working with it. Production asset management systems are often used in production workflows where the assets are continuously changing, and you need a systematic way to catalog the files you frequently need to edit and keep multiple versions of.

Your Benefits: Production Asset Management With Vidispine

Efficient Workflow: Streamline image, video, and asset processes across your organization
Cost and Time Savings: Automate multi-channel media delivery preparation, reducing costs and cycles
Media Automation: Support for various file formats, converting files into web-ready formats
Designer Integration: Collaborate seamlessly while maintaining original formats and creating adaptable templates
Future-Ready: Adapt with powerful functionality for evolving media-centric businesses
Precise Asset Tracking: Monitor asset usage and interactions for changing digital media productions

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