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Video Production Management Software

Explore new ways to manage your video projects with our cloud-based video production management solutions for post-production workflows. 

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Streamline your video production with Vidispine's solutions

Video consumption (and creation) has been on the rise for a long time, and it shows no signs of slowing down. There has never been a greater need to increase the simplicity and efficiency with which video media can be produced. The complexities of format, structure, location, rights, and versions can all too easily disrupt the production process or get in the way of your creativity.  

Vidispine’s cloud-based video production management software solutions enable you to focus on creativity and productivity. We handle all the technical complexity in the background where the user can focus on the task at hand using our intuitive frontend applications.  

What is video production management?

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Producing a video is so much more than just “light, camera, action!”. Not only does it include multiple pre-production tasks that need to be executed on time, the post-production tasks are also just as numerous and important. This is where video production management software comes in handy. 

Video production management software enables filmmakers, movie, and TV producers to meet all the conditions required for a successful video project. This includes elements such as: 

  • Shot lists 

  • Storyboards 

  • Screenwriting 

  • Call sheets 

  • Scripts breakdowns 

  • File sharing 

  • Budgeting 

  • Client approvals 

  • Editing 

  • Media delivery and distribution 

  • ...and many more 

What is a video post-production workflow?

A video post-production workflow refers to a workflow process starting after the film, movie, or video has been recorded. There are multiple different types of productions, from feature films to commercials, documentaries, and reality shows – in the end, they all require a video post-production workflow of some kind to manage the creative and collaborative process that will produce the final product.  

A video post-production workflow usually consists of three parts: 

  • Media Acquisition/Ingestion: Storing, logging, describing, and sorting incoming video media files. 

  • Media management: Preparing the video media files for editing. 

  • Media delivery and distribution: Delivering and distributing the finished video media. 

Explore our Video Production Management Software

We offer several different video production management software that manages media depending on what type of media, and wherein the actual media supply chain this media needs to be managed. 


The Vidispine offering includes all the services and applications you need to design your own unique video production management workflow from early post-production to final distribution:  


  • MediaPortal – an intuitive interface that supports the first steps in the media workflow by incorporating advanced video & metadata tools for ingesting, browsing, or logging of material across multiple locations.  
  • VidiEditor – the browser-based editing solution for journalists and video content producers who need to quickly and easily create short- and medium-form content.  
  • EditMate – Full panel integration in the Adobe® Premiere® environment with shared projects, proxy editing, approval, and delivery workflows.

The advantages of our ecosystem are found in its flexibility to meet any customer requirement from a medium-sized production house to journalist editorial production, all the way to high volume VOD, streaming, and broadcasters.

Benefits of Vidispine’s cloud-based video production solutions

  • Cloud video production is especially valuable for film, movie, and video producers with a dynamic or highly changeable workload. Instead of having to spend expensive resources to be able to keep up with the demands of one week, and then having it sit idle the next, Vidispine’s cloud-based video production solutions offer scalability both upwards and downwards to match your current needs. 

  • Cloud video production makes it easy to share media files and collaborate on all video projects regardless of where you, partners, stakeholders, and other interested parties are located.  

  • With complete scalability and a pay-as-you-go pricing model, you only pay for what you use with Vidispine’s solutions - nothing else. The collaboration tools allow for faster workflows and more efficient outsourcing. 

  • Cloud video production allows for remote users from any location, at any time, to join in and contribute to the video management. 

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