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Media Rights & Scheduling

Vidispine's applications for rights management & scheduling helps you maximize ROI on your own IP or purchased rights

Maximize the Value of Your Assets & Rights

Whether your own IP or purchased rights, you must ensure you exploit them to their full potential and maximize your ROI. Our rights management and scheduling applications help you do exactly that, ensuring you get the optimum utilization of rights by automating scheduling across platforms and orchestrating rules-driven rights workflows.

Your Benefits: Media Rights & Scheduling With Vidispine

Effective Rights Management: Easily track and enforce media rights agreements to prevent copyright issues.
Efficient Scheduling: Optimize content scheduling for the right audience at the right time.
Streamlined Metadata: Organize and search for media assets with ease.
Scalable Technology: Adaptable solutions for businesses of all sizes.
Workflow Automation: Reduce errors and improve operational efficiency.
Seamless Integration: Easily connect with other media tools and systems for enhanced collaboration and distribution.

Our Solution for Media Rights & Scheduling

Avatega - Planning & Rights Management

Avatega is an efficient and highly integrated system for managing contractual and intellectual property (IP) rights, and content schedules. Avatega enables users to maximize the value of their IP assets.


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