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Welcome to VidiNet: Your Media Service Platform for Instant Scalability

Are you ready to take your media solutions to the next level? Look no further than VidiNet, your one-stop cloud-based platform designed to revolutionize your content ecosystem. With VidiNet, you'll discover a world of possibilities for your media needs, from onboarding that's faster than ever to instant scalability that adapts to organizations of all sizes.

Maximize Your Media Potential


Discover VidiNet by Vidispine, our dynamic cloud-based platform revolutionizing your content ecosystem. VidiNet offers lightning-fast onboarding and effortless scalability. Whether you seek turnkey solutions, toolkits for DIY projects, or anything in between, our transparent cost structure ensures predictability. Unlock new possibilities in finding, creating, and collaborating. 

VidiNet - your gateway to an advanced media and production management.

Why VidiNet?

Unleash full control over your Media Supply Chain with VidiNet! Thanks to our diverse apps and partnerships, you can craft a tailored solution. Whether you opt for our user-friendly applications or wish to create your own interfaces and workflows – VidiNet offers you all the options. And the best part: We provide everything as SaaS, On-premise, or as a managed service. Your Media Supply Chain, your rules, your choice – with VidiNet.


At the Vidispine team, we understand that strong structures require a solid foundation. In the same way, truly scalable and stable media solutions require a robust platform - like VidiNet. Let's dive into what makes VidiNet the ultimate choice for media enthusiasts:


Powerful Apps & Services to Empower Your Media Supply Chain

Build your comprehensive ecosystem

Core Services

Our Vidispine Core Services act as the glue that binds your media solutions together. VidiCore, our media management service, serves as the backbone of the media supply chain.

Processing Services

From transcoding to archiving - our extensive range of media services covers all aspects of media processing and analysis. This pre-integrated environment supports all types of media workflows, combining both our proprietary services and those of our trusted partners.


VidiNet offers a comprehensive portfolio of our own applications, designed to help you create, produce, manage, distribute, and archive media seamlessly. Additionally, we provide tightly integrated applications from our global partners.

Analytic Services

VidiNet provides a comprehensive suite of AI-based analytic services, ranging from Speech-to-Text conversion to object and facial recognition. Our platform offers a seamless solution for automatically generating metadata, allowing you to streamline content analysis. Utilize our pre-built workflows, featuring cutting-edge AI and quality control services, to empower your users with unprecedented insights into your content.

Benefits of VidiNet

Simple on-boarding
Unlimited users
Near-Content Execution
Cost Transparency
Speeds up projects
Open APIs
Comprehensive knowledge base

Ready to experience the power of VidiNet for yourself?

Sign up and unlock the potential of your media solutions like never before. Join us on the journey towards scalability, efficiency, and creativity with VidiNet.

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