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Automated Content Ingest & Annotation

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Content Ingest and Media Transformation

Traditionally this media acquisition process has covered media ingest type of video ingest such as tape, disc and satellite feeds.  Today the video ingest process also includes file transfers and feeds over the internet but device control is still an important factor for “traditional” media. At the same time, especially in fast-turnaround workflows or workflows involving longer pieces of content, we need to handle file transfers in such a way that we can start working on media during the transfer.

A significant challenge in the content ingest and annotation process is having access to an ingest system solution that can adapt to the any media source whilst ensuring scalability and security.

Additionally, the more your information you can gather from your collection of media and metadata you can associate with it, the more automation and efficiency media supply chain your can build and the more value you can extract from your assets.

Your Benefits: Content Ingest and Media Transformation with Vidispine

Automated Analysis and Quality Control: Vidispine's solution assesses the technical condition of your media ingest, automatically determining the required transformations and transcoding.
Effortless Cognitive Services: Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, Vidispine streamlines manual tasks with automated features, including language analytics, transcription, facial and item recognition, explicit content detection, and more.
AI-Powered Highlight Detection: In the realm of sports, Vidispine's AI-driven highlight detection is a highly sought-after cognitive service, seamlessly integrated into automated content ingest and annotation processes.
Comprehensive Metadata Analysis: Vidispine ensures thorough analysis of associated metadata, such as licensing and rights information, enabling automatic decision-making downstream in the digital media supply chain.
Robust Security Measures: Vidispine's solution covers critical security aspects by isolating the initial ingest step in a secure zone, safeguarding against viruses, Trojans, and malicious attacks throughout your media ingest workflow.

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