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Digital Media Supply Chain
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In this article, we will discuss how media and metadata can be centralized, organized and distributed in a digital media supply chain.

But first, some terminology you will encounter in this article.

  • QC – Quality Control of media
  • DMSC – Digital Media Supply Chain
  • VOD – Video On Demand
  • MAM – Media Asset Management, a software-based architecture for managing media.
  • API – Application Programming Interface, interface for computer to computer direct communication.
  • Cognitive services – these are AI-driven software capabilities to detect actual audiovisual content in the media such as face recognition, auto caption and similar and index this into metadata information.

The Vidispine Digital Media Supply Chain

A digital media supply chain (DMSC) describes any production and distribution workflow system where media files and their associated metadata needs to be managed based on the current business model. The services present in a DMSC can be very similar in many production and distribution workflows. However, the actual customers can operate in very different areas such as sports, VOD / LIVE provider, banking, Universities and more.

Maybe you recognize some of the below examples from your current environment?

  • Content acquisition – Media files and metadata entering the system in an ingest or manual process
  • Manual or automatic QC
  • Media files and metadata are analyzed, transcoded and transformed in preparation for a distribution process
  • Media files and associated metadata are distributed online and to archive
  • Player statistics needs to be managed and analyzed

What are the benefits of a digital media supply chain (DMSC)?

A DMSC will take care of all the processes in the background that can be automatically executed while making the actual media files including metadata available to any kind of human interaction such as search, manual quality control, conform and editing.

  • VidiNet – The Digital Media Supply Chain

    In any large organization, users need to be able to operate in an efficient environment – something easier said than done many times. Manually trying to find and relocate media files, edit metadata, upload files to the correct locations depending on the customer & keeping track of codecs and formats are everyday tasks in many media-based workflows. All these actions take time, not to mention the workload on the employees.

    For this reason, we have designed VidiNet – the Vidispine version of a media supply chain solution. With its fully customizable metadata framework and transcode functionality, the Vidispine digital media supply chain architecture adapts into the requirements of any native cloud, on-premise or hybrid cloud environment.

    When launching the VidiCore API as a service in VidiNet, you do not only get a fully developed Media Asset Management System (MAM) but also a complete developer platform making VidiNet the most flexible and efficient solution in the industry.

  • The VidiNet Advantage

    Today, more and more customers recognize the advantages of a centralized cloud-based DMSC. With VidiNet, you can add and manage the services of your choice to your MAM by simply adding them directly from our media service platform on the cloud. VidiNet makes it possible to dynamically scale your DMSC depending on your requirements. No upfront costs – you only pay for what you use.

    Once you are set up, you are ready to go.

    • Set up additional transcoding resources for incoming and outgoing media based on information stored in the VidiCore API architecture.
    • Scale up or down your services depending on workload with full financial transparency.
    • Add a cognitive cloud-based service in order to address an unexpected customer requirement.
    • The media store in VidiNet also offers a continuously growing number of integration points to market-leading proven production and distributions products such as AWS, GCP, Azure, VSA, Adobe, Bitmovin etc.

    By using the VidiCore Development Toolkit, you can build the most efficient user interfaces for each production point.

Adapting the Media Supply Chain to the customer's need

Learn how we helped University of Salford fulfill their needs with a hybrid cloud Media Supply Chain solution. 

Why build your digital media supply chain with Vidispine?

VidiCore API as a service is at its core a fully customizable framework designed to address any MAM system functionality required in a DMSC. The custom metadata model architecture enables any level of data-driven DMSC capacity including integration to 3rd party quality and delivery partners such as Bitmovin and AWS, just to mention a few.

The VidiCore API is offered both as an on-premise solution but also as a cloud-native service through VidiNet, our cloud-based media service platform. And it does not stop here. VidiNet offers a consolidation of all metadata that relates to the current media into a single database through the VidiCore API DMSC. But what does that mean?

The single redundant database in a VidiNet solution does not only reduce point of failures but dramatically improves performance on the overall system as well as the capabilities of applying customized advanced metadata models to build the DMSC tailored to your organization’s workflow and security requirements.

A digital media supply chain with VidiCore API does not need to synchronize and interrogate different databases to keep track of metadata that relates to the same media. Instead, services are added to your DMSC with the same metadata available in the VidiNet database. This is also why the VidiNet architecture allows for orchestrating and mixing services between the cloud and on-premise solutions – independently of geographical location. So, unlike most other solutions on the market, VidiNet is as a developer platform and media asset management ( MAM ) solution at the same time.

VidiNet also controls and reports your costs as you go with a transparent pricing structure and API driven pre-execution cost estimates. No upfront costs – you only pay for what you use. Monitor usage and costs with the VidiNet Dashboard.

Q&A's for media supply chain

  • A media supply chain is the process of creating, managing, and delivering different types of media (video, pictures, etc.) from a point of origin - the content creator/provider/owner - to a destination, e.g., end-customer, your clients, etc.

  • Digital media, especially video, was previously a concern only for the media and entertainment industry. However, nowadays it's a prime focus for pretty much all industries and types of companies. The world is becoming increasingly more digital, if you don't keep up and take control of your media supply chain, you risk falling behind the market and your competitors.

    Having a digital media supply chain is important to be able to create the right content and have it delivered to the right platforms, for the right devices, to the right audience, at the right time.

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