Media Supply Chain

Vidispine provides content owners with a fully managed media supply chain backbone, enabling them to adapt to changing media industry needs and business requirements quickly. At NAB we will show how we leverage AWS and Elemental for the media and broadcast industry.


As soon as there is a file somewhere, Vidispine will be able to pick it up, understand it and trigger your workflow. No matter if it is an image or video file of any format or where it is stored. Just list your buckets for Vidispine Server on AWS and it will be indexed. On-Prem, the VSA (Vidispine Server Agent) will manage it.


Once your assets are managed by Vidispine, the rich API and the eco-system of ready applications make it easy to build out any workflow or integration to the creative tools you and your team like working with. For example, hook in EditMate for remote editing in Adobe PrPro, Mayam for workflow management or build your own bespoke user interface using Vidispine Development Toolkit (VDT).


We also help you get your stories to your audience, regardless of your favourite acronyms. Together with AWS Elemental and our own advanced packaging features (check out Export Templates ) we will do your OTT, VOD, IMF, DPP, RTFM, sftp, TX and anything in between.

Why Vidispine?

Vidispine provides a full stack framework for building scalable, versatile cloud-native media supply chains. Being cloud-native Vidispine can also provide a migration path with a hybrid solution for any customer unable to migrate their full business to the cloud. The API is fully backward-compatible to keep all integrations and applications working when upgrading, enabling the customer to benefit from the latest version. There are no hidden costs and the transparent pricing paired with the unique asset-level cost estimation makes it easy to understand the costs in every step.


The Vidinet platform provides a fully managed media asset management and supply chain platform that customers use to build scalable and cost-effective media solutions. Specifically, Vidinet allows a customer to start a fully managed Vidispine API to use as a backbone for essence and metadata management. Through Vidinet, the customer also gets native access to highly scalable media services with no upfront costs to quickly add new functionality to a new or existing solution.

More Information

Find more information about what we are up to on the Vidispine blog, and check out our upcoming events on our event page.

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