A Software Toolkit for Media Application Development

Vidispine Development Toolkit

The Vidispine Development Toolkit shortens your development time when building applications on top of the Vidispine API. It is the same set of tools and components we use in-house at Vidispine, now available for everyone building on the Vidispine platform.


The quickest way to build on top of the Vidispine API is to use any of the provided Templates. The web starter template is based on Django/Python/Vue.js and used for web applications. Build your application by starting with the template, and then adding fully decoupled Javascript frontend components and Python backend components in your favorite Python web framework. Access the Vidispine API directly or through the Vidispine maintained Python and .NET SDKs. The toolkit is available through the Vidinet platform for Vidispine API users.



Regardless if you are using Vidispine in the cloud or on-premise, you can use the provided Docker images to deploy a single node or clustered Vidispine system quickly. If you are deploying in the cloud, have a look at the Terraform example configurations.


The Ansible Vidispine library makes it easy to create a playbook that configures Vidispine the way you want it. Use the command line tools (vsctl) for inspecting and setting up your Vidispine system. The package also contains Datadog templates as a starting point for setting up system monitoring.

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