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Passion for IT and Media

Global IT specialist Arvato Systems supports major companies through digital transformation. Nearly 3,000 staff in over 25 locations epitomize in-depth technology expertise, industry knowledge and focus on customer requirements. Working as a team, we develop innovative IT solutions, transition our clients into the Cloud, integrate digital processes and take on IT systems operation and support.

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Vidispine is a brand of the Arvato Systems Group. The Vidispine portfolio enables companies working with media to focus on their core business by providing easy access to technology that supports their business needs. Our platform enables customers to get the maximum value from their assets, rights, media inventory and market.

So, the Arvato Systems brand Vidispine stands for our comprehensive products and services for the media industry. Our solution approach orchestrates and integrates the seamless workflows needed by today’s media enterprises.

Plus, as a part of the Bertelsmann-owned Arvato network, we have the unique capability to work across the entire value chain. Our business relationships are personal; we work with our clients as partners, so that together we can achieve long-term success.

We are the Total Video specialists

Today, video is eating the world. From entertainment to industry, video can now be found everywhere, and more people than ever create video content. The amount of video created every day puts a heavy demand on the underlying platforms, while the need to quickly turn your raw content into compelling stories is greater than ever. We believe that our software brings value to anyone monetizing video, building video applications or using video content. We will continue to strive for our vision.

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Latest News

Coming this spring: WIG Talks Live!

Save the date to take part in an open conversation about the business and technology challenges facing the media industry in 2021 and beyond. The virtual event is hosted by Object Matrix, Zixi, Steve Sharman and Vidispine.

Join us on May 26 for WIG Talks Live. Where participation is rewarding and sales rhetoric is left at the door.

An Open Source offering form Vidispine

No, not the birthplace of the boiled sweet, the LCD and Lemsip in the north of England, but the “Helm Uniform Layer Library” - an Open Source helper library that can streamline large-scale cloud and on-premise deployment workflows that utilize Kubernetes and Helm. Learn more about what HULL is, and how this can improve your development experience.

Whitepaper: The advantages of the Hybrid MAM approach

How can you make sure that a MAM solution is the perfect fit for your organization? In this whitepaper, we will give you more insights into this by looking at the different MAM approaches and the advantages of each approach. Lastly, we will examine how we can combine those approaches to deliver additional benefits while retaining the individual advantages.

Organizational Alignments for Arvato Systems‘ Vidispine Business Division

From January 1st, the management team of Arvato Systems‘ ‘Vidispine’ business division has been restructured. As of now, Nicolas Ley, in his role as Vice President, will take on the overall responsibility for the division. Holger Noske, Erik Åhlin and Isak Jonsson will take on more leadership responsibilities.

VidiCore Development Toolkit (VDT) - the new approach

The VidiCore Development Toolkit (VDT) has evolved a lot over the last year. In our latest knowledge base article, we dive into the new VDT and what has changed. We talk about the background, the new approach and some of the factors which influence the new VDT.

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Vidispine & Arvato Systems media and entertainment portfolios unite under one brand

We are merging our product lines and will go to market under one brand. Vidispine is the brand that will meet your every need. 

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