By Popular Demand – The IBC2017 Booth Poster

By Vidispine - September 21, 2017

This is the poster placed on the wall of our IBC207 stand. We used them to provide an overview of the Vidispine ecosystem as we see it. We realized it was a useful tool, and saw that many of you also took pictures.


Arvato Systems Chooses to Partner With Vidispine

By Vidispine - September 15, 2017

Dear reader, we are proud to announce that the latest partner to join the Vidispine community is no less than Arvato Systems.


Vidispine Launches Vidinet Cloud-based Media Services at IBC

By Vidispine - September 14, 2017

IBC, Amsterdam, 14th September 2017 – Vidispine today announced it will be launching a cloud-based media services platform, Vidinet, at IBC.

Guest post

We Need Smarter MAM

By Guest - September 13, 2017

Famous Notorious B.I.G. quote “mo money, mo problems” translated into the media asset management landscape by Alex Buchanan from NMR. More media means more problems, and to remedy we need a smarter MAM.

Guest post

Breaking the Monolith-ony?

By Guest - September 13, 2017

A specific advantage a cloud based MAM offers is the de-coupling of services and functions that usually come bundled in monolithic systems. This allows broadcasters and content companies to handpick services that are most relevant to their workflows.


Cloud MAM – is it Clone Wars or A New Hope?

By Erik - September 13, 2017

With cloud technology now reaching a critical point in maturity, it is possible to build entire supply chains in the cloud. Pair that with organizations that are born cloud-ready, with little or no legacy, and a business environment that turns agility into a huge advantage. We are set to see large changes in expectations of the role “the MAM” will have for content owners and producers.

Guest post

Can AI Deliver Serious Value to the Media Business

By Guest - September 10, 2017

As I write this, our planet apparently faces a dilemma, looking forward either to a new golden age of machine-assisted prosperity – or being mere months away from a machine-enabled apocalypse, as super-intelligent machines carelessly wipe their unworthy human creators from the face of the Earth.

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