Vidispine 4.9 is out on AWS and Azure Marketplace

By Vidispine - April 25, 2017

We are proud to say we have the 4.9 release of Vidispine Server out on the AWS/Azure Marketplaces. Just head over and pick it up, then come back and show us all the great thing you build with it.

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Insights on Deploying Video Applications in the Cloud

By Guest - April 23, 2017

In this guest post, Codemill shares industry insights and their experiences of deploying video applications in the cloud. In short, don’t reinvent the wheel, there are best practices out there, and make sure your system is flexible enough to handle the changes that inevitably will occur as part of the ever-faster technology innovation cycle.


Vidispine 4.8 is out on AWS Marketplace

By Vidispine - March 19, 2017

We have updated AWS Marketplace with the new Vidispine 4.8 version. Starting a new Vidispine instance through AWS Marketplace will give you access to advanced Aspera integration, 8K RED support, Amazon S3 transfer acceleration, and of course improvements and bug fixes.


Learn More About ITV Phoenix at BVE2017

By Vidispine - February 20, 2017

Vidispine co-sponsors NMR’s attendance at BVE2017, taking place next week Feb 28 – Mar 2. Come and learn about Phoenix, ITV’s on-air promo campaign media asset management system.


ITV Marketing Campaign Management System Based on Vidispine

By Vidispine - February 19, 2017

ITV chooses UK media technology systems integrator NMR as lead supplier for a new marketing campaign management system.


Results From The Easiest 2016 Video Predictions Ever – pt2

By Patrik - January 19, 2017

In part two of my prediction recap I take a look at emotion detection, automatic metadata harvesting and automatic video editing. There was a lot of interesting stuff happening in the area, and I am looking forward to coming years as this will just explode.


Results From The Easiest 2016 Video Predictions Ever – pt1

By Patrik - January 13, 2017

Predictions are never easy, and they are almost always wrong. We did predictions for the video industry last year anyway, and in a two part series we share what actually happened, and how we did.


Proud to Support Django Girls Umeå

By Vidispine - November 22, 2016
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