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Vidispine builds advanced solutions for video and media management, powering some of the largest systems around the globe. With our API-based media supply chain platform built by industry experts, we can help you solve some of your most complex challenges with content management. Vidispine's media platform let’s you stay in control of all your media content, regardless of your industry or size.

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The Latest

NEW BLOG POST: AWS Image & Video Analysis in Vidinet Cognitive Services

Media content has always had quite a limited amount of information associated with it. Quite often this is the file name, short description and some technical metadata that the ingest process may have extracted from the source file. Wouldn’t it be great if we use technology here to harvest this metadata data info automatically instead?

The answer is machine learning video analysis – a technology that trains computer software to detect objects, faces, and environments in the media content. 

NEW BLOG POST: Vidinet Cognitive Services – AWS Speech to Text

There are many reasons to transcribe your spoken content in your media. The first reason that comes to mind is, of course, subtitling. Not only in the natively spoken language but also in translated versions. According to multiple research, subtitled videos improve reach, CTA, reactions, and share rates significantly.  The second reason is, of course, to help you find the content you are looking for – do you remember the soundbite that the CEO made in that speech – but where is it?

Vidinet Cognitive Services - now released!

Vidispine now extends the Vidispine API with Vidinet Cognitive Services, a core services technology framework allowing you as a customer direct access to a growing number of partners offering cognitive services on the market. Today, you will find Image Recognition and Transcribe services from AWS collecting information on image objects and speech to text for your media content.