API-based Media Asset Management Platform

Since 2009, software developers and content owners have used our API to solve some of their most complex challenges in building data-driven, cloud-based video content management solutions. Let us help you too.

Welcome to vortech.by/Vidispine

Vidispine takes technology summits to the next level and launches a new event series for developers, solution architects and senior technologists in the media and video platform industry: vortech.by/Vidispine was created to move away from sales-focused conferences and to put technology deep-dives into the center of attention. Vidispine, together with premium sponsor Amazon Web Services (AWS), wants to give its own and partners’ customers a chance to have a look under the hood of their solutions as well as provide an outlook on what is yet to come. This one-and-a-half-day event focused on media supply chain in the cloud does exactly that. Techy sessions held by solution architects, CTOs and industry icons are on the agenda offering interaction with partners, learning and networking opportunities. This inaugural event is supported by co-hosts Grabyo, Mayam, Codemill, Magenta.tv and Valossa.

I am a software developer

I want to build my own solution

Vidispine Server is an API-based media asset management platform. The feature-rich RESTful API allows you to focus on your application development instead of video technology.

I am a content owner

I need to find and use all my content

VidiXplore is a lightweight video content management system in your browser.  Leave originals where they are, on-premise or in cloud storage – tag, search, manage and share in the cloud.

I am a service provider

I need to scale my media supply chain globally

Vidinet enables you to spin up private instances of the Vidispine API as a fully managed cloud service. Vidinet also allows you to boost any Vidispine API with instantly scalable cloud-based media services, such as transcoding and QC, running right next to your media content.

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Vidispine Webinars

Check out our previous webinars and learn more about Vidispine API as a service, Vidinet media platform, Vidispine Development Toolkit, Elemental MediaConvert, IMF and video QC for cloud-based media.