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The What, Why, Where and How of the Media Supply Chain

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Guide to Achieve Efficiency and Added Values with a Media Supply Chain


“Media supply chain” is a phrase we frequently see around industry tradeshows and publications, but what does it actually mean, why do I need one, and how do I implement one? In this eBook we start from the ground up, looking at the what – what does the term mean and what does it encompass. The where – where cloud, “on prem” and hybrid fits in, and the how – how to actually implement one. Finally, we’ll look at the future of the supply chain and its place in the wider video ecosystem. 

In this ebook, you will learn:

What a Media Supply Chain is
The five pillars of the Media Supply Chain workflow
Cloud, “on prem” or hybrid – how should the Media Supply Chain be implemented to add value to your business?
How to get the best Media Supply Chain system based on your requirements
The future of Media Supply Chain

Table of contents

  • In the first chapter you will learn about how to apply modern manufacturing principles to media and the fundamentals of the media factory and media supply chain.

  • Chapter two will dive deeper into the workflow of the media supply chain by explaining the five pillars: infrastructure, transformation, manipulation, analysis and acquisition.

  • The third chapter is specifying the Media Supply Chain by looking at the implementation of the system. Cloud, “on prem” or Hybrid, what brings more value to your business?

  • Chapter four are discussing the approaches to media supply chain software. Traditionally there have been two ways to go: buy a turnkey system or build your own system. Today those options still exist, but as media technology has evolved, a whole scale of options has emerged in between. What are those options, and what is best for you?

  • In the last chapter, we are taking a look at the future of the supply chain and its place in the wider video ecosystem.

Author of the eBook

Ben Davenport

During the past decade, Ben has played a key role in some of the most complex and progressive file-based media solutions and projects in the industry and gained a wealth of experience around file-formats, workflow and the convergence of broadcast and IT. At Vidispine - An Arvato Systems brand, Ben acts as an interface between the market and the product teams, identifying technological and workplace trends, and working with product management to ensure products and solutions meet current and future needs. Before joining Arvato Systems, Ben was Director of Marketing at Dalet, responsible for all worldwide marketing activities while also focused on the creation and delivery of the lifecycle plan for the features and functionality of the Dalet AmberFin transcoding platform.  Previously, Ben was Harmonic's Solutions Marketing Manager following a number of technical marketing positions at Omneon before its acquisition by Harmonic.  Ben holds a Bachelor's degree in Music & Sound Recording (Tonmeister) from the University of Surrey

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