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Definition: Digital Media Supply Chain

The definition of a digital media supply chain is as follows:

A digital media supply chain describes any type of production and distribution workflow system/process where digital media files and their associated metadata are managed.

It’s simply the process of creating, managing and delivering digital media from its point of origin (content provider, content creator or content owner) to its destination (end-consumer). Digital media undergoes a similar process to physical goods to become a product a customer can consume, regardless if it’s music, pictures, or video.

Short history of the concept of digital media supply chain

A broad definition of “Digital supply chain”/“Digital media supply chain” made its first appearance back in 2001 in one of the chapters of Tony Hines book From analogue to digital supply chains. The term was coined to explain a transformation from what Hines called analogue supply chains to his newly established conception - the digital supply chain.

While the term “digital supply chain” is fairly new, the term “supply chain” has been around for a long time, many attributing the creation of the term to Frederick Taylor who wrote The Principles of Scientific Management which focused on how to improve manual loading processes, others, to the newspaper “The Independent”, who used the term “supply chain” in one of their articles. 

Regardless if it was Taylor or The Independent who used it first, it has seen a great development throughout these ~100 years where we’ve arrived at where we are today: the digital supply chain.

The Vidispine digital media supply chain solutions

Digital media was once something only the media and entertainment industry was concerned with. But it is nowadays a core focus across pretty much all industries and for all companies regardless of how big or small they are. The digital world is now and the future, and if you don’t stay on top of how to manage and use digital media content, you risk falling behind the market.

The Vidispine cloud-based digital media supply chain solution: VidiNet, helps you take control of your media content creation and metadata management. With VidiNet's fully customizable metadata framework and transcode functionality, the Vidispine digital media supply chain architecture adapts into the requirements of any native cloud, on-premise, or hybrid cloud environment.

Digital media supply chain tools within VidiNet

VidiNet is a centralized and completely cloud-based media management platform that enables massive scalability both up and down. With VidiNet you can add and manage the digital media supply chain tools of your choice to your MAM (Media Asset Management) system by simply adding them directly from our media service platform in the cloud. 

VidiNet is a pay for what you use platform that allows for a continuously growing list of features and API integrations including, but not limited to:

  • Cloud-based transcoding and encoding
  • Third-party transcoding/encoding services such as AWS Elemental Media Convert
  • Editing capabilities via tools such as our own VidiEditor
  • Comprehensive content analytics
  • The use of ready-made content templates
  • Cognitive services including automatic subtitling, face and Image recognition
  • Automatic quality control
  • Estimated cost calculation for transcoding/encoding

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What does Media Supply Chain mean, why do I need one, and how do I implement one? Get answers to your questions and learn how to achieve efficiency and get added values with a Media Supply Chain. 

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