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Make your videos searchable and find them at a moment’s notice with Vidispine’s video archiving solutions. 

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The challenge of video archiving
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The Challenge of Video Archiving

Never underestimate the value of old video media content. Trends come and go within all areas and industries. The video media from two weeks or several years ago could become relevant once more. By archiving those digital assets using video archiving software, you can have them ready to go at a moments notice, earning you two advantages:

  1. Being one step ahead of the curve by having ready-to-go media relevant to the specific situation.
  2. Saving money by utilizing and reusing existing media content.

In this article, we’ll talk about what video archiving is, the importance of future-proofing your media content through video archiving and how utilizing video archiving solutions can lead to long-term monetization. 

What Is Video Archiving?

Video archiving refers to the process of managing and preserving video files. This could include last year’s or this year’s video ad campaign, or footage from a past event that has a historical value and could be re-used at a later date. A video archive system is often a requirement for larger corporations to be able to store, track, manage, and re-use their video content. 

Why You Need Video Archiving Software

In today’s environment, it’s easier than ever before to capture video. Companies create, collect, and process so much video that managing it is becoming an increasingly bigger challenge. It’s not a matter of insufficient storage. It’s a matter of keeping track of it, navigating through a video archive system with hundreds, or maybe thousands of videos, to find the video content you need. 
Let’s use a newspaper company as an example. Most modern newspapers use both video and audio in their daily work. Being able to find content related to an event and a person or a subject on short notice is an example of new technical requirements of a business landscape where more and faster-published media has become a key competitive factor. Video archive storage solutions have become an invaluable tool within the news industry and many other industries to enhance their daily work. 
You need a video archive system as a way to keep track of all your videos and make them searchable where you can find what you need when you need it. You could possess a figurative gold mine of video media assets that you’re just not aware of, or that can’t be utilized to their full potential due to your current setup.

How the Vidispine Video Archiving Solution Supports Your Business

Media archives change and grow over time, becoming increasingly harder to handle the more assets you have. Successfully archiving media files requires a consistent plan for logging, tagging, and categorizing the video content to be able to navigate through it, and perform searches within it. The taxonomy of video archiving needs to be accurate, detailed enough to prove useful, as well as deployed consistently across the video archive storage solutions to prove fruitful. And all of the tagging needs to be affordably produced.
The Vidispine video archive management solution streamlines and automates the process of tagging and establishes an easy-to-navigate taxonomy for all your video content. The VidiCore, together with VidiCoder, the Vidispine transcoder, allows for advanced media and metadata transformation and automation in your media supply chain and media archive. 
The Vidispine video archiving solution’s AI-driven services for analyzing speech to text and image objects enhances the structure and your knowledge of your media archive, allowing you access to detailed metadata information based on time periods of media.

Try the Vidispine Video Archive Solution Today

There’s an assumption that new technology is unaffordable, hard to use, and too much of a risk to implement. In reality, by investing in the right media archive software, you could cut major costs, improve security, as well as significantly speed up workflows.

Reach out to one of our contact persons for video archive storage solutions below for more information about the Vidispine media archive software. Get a free demo today to learn more about our video arching software and how we can optimize your media supply chain and add value to your organization.
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Q&A's for video archiving

  • Video archive software is exactly as it sounds, a program used to archive videos. Video archiving solutions enable you to easily keep track of all your videos and make them searchable where you can find what you need, when you need it.

  • The factors that affect the amount of storage needed for a video system are Video Resolution, Bitrate and Codec.

    There are different video resolutions used for different sources. The higher resolution of a video, the bigger the file size.

    Bitrate refers to the depth of information and is often measured as the amount of information per second. Higher bitrates mean more information, but you also need more storage for that information-heavy footage.

    A codec is a mathematical algorithm that defines how the image information is stored in the same digitized video sequence. Depending on your codec, the same media can be defined with different bitrates.

    Hence, all three factors affect the file size, which will determine the amount of storage needed for your video system.

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