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How important is a digital supply chain in the media and entertainment industry?

Our society is becoming increasingly more digital on all levels. And in our expanding world of digital creation and ever-evolving complexity of business dealing, the media and entertainment industry needs a way to coordinate, manage, and take control of their media assets more than ever before. 

Without a working and fully optimized digital supply chain, a lot of companies within the media and entertainment industry will fall behind its competitors. 

With the Vidispine cloud-based media management platform: VidiNet, you will be able to keep up with the pace of the market and in time, overtake it. Using VidiNet to support your media and entertainment supply chain allows for:

  • Complete management of projects from point of origin (creator/owner/supplier) to the destination (customer/client)
  • Control over the content creation and management process (editing, transcoding, encoding, etc.)
  • Access and possibility to handle files of any size and move them at high speeds
  • Flexible and fast distribution across all channels and any type of devices
  • High-security cloud-storage of high-value digital assets
  • Flexible sharing and cloud-access for business partners to targeted media

The five steps of a media content supply chain

Considering the many and complex steps in the process of creating and managing digital assets in a media content supply chain, it’s no wonder even the best of companies are having a tough time keeping everything on track. 

The supply chain in the media and entertainment industry, or any other industry for that matter, can be said to consist of five steps:

  1. Content acquisition
    Acquiring the content you plan to distribute.
  2. Media processing
    Processing the content to make it readily available in your internal workflow.
  3. Quality control
    Ensuring the content is using correct formats and such in preparation for editing.
  4. Editing
    Editing the content to support your desired outcome and match your clients/customers wants and needs.
  5. Delivery/Distribution
    The preparation and distribution of the content across various channels and devices.

With Vidispines extensive knowledge and experience of helping the media and entertainment industry manage their complex supply chains from point of origin to consumer, we can help you all the same with tracking, managing and lubricating your workflows with many parallel moving parts. VidiNet does exactly this for media and entertainment companies that are looking to take control and optimize their digital media supply chain.

Vidispines role in the supply chain in the media and entertainment industry

We help media and entertainment companies link their on-premise infrastructure with smart and flexible cloud-based solutions. We make it possible to maintain a high-standard of your valuable assets, all the while leveraging the benefits of the cloud for working with third-party vendors/services/programs and optimizing the distribution to customers.

VidiNet gathers everything you need in one place to create a smooth and effective digital supply chain to support your content creation whether it’s music, pictures, videos or any other digital asset. By bringing together business processes, media management, customer experience management, managed file transfer, as well as social and cloud technologies, we are able to offer a complete, pay-for-what-you-use model, enterprise digital media supply chain solution for the media and entertainment industry.

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What does Media Supply Chain mean, why do I need one, and how do I implement one? Get answers to your questions and learn how to achieve efficiency and get added values with a Media Supply Chain. 

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VidiNet is a cloud-based platform at the heart of the content ecosystem. The foundation for a broad range of applications and services, VidiNet provides a robust footing for the complete content chain.

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