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What is Video Asset Management Software?

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Video asset management systems refer to different administrative systems to store and organize large amounts of video content. It combines video creation and modification tools to streamline the process of creating, updating and uploading videos to your audience. Video asset management systems provide a centralized library where the video can be retrieved, shared and distributed across numerous channels automatically. 

Video asset management systems are tools to empower marketers and creatives alike, giving them the ability to keep up with market demands and boost their production of high-quality, on-brand video content at a large scale. 
In this article, we’ll give you a quick overview of what features video asset management systems include, as well as what benefits and advantages it brings to the table. But before anything else, a quick rundown of what video media asset management is.

What is video media asset management (Video MAM)?

As the use of video and the number of video assets keeps increasing, so does the need to manage and organize this content efficiently. Far too often, the stakeholders have a difficult time finding the content they need, when they need it. When they manage to find it, it’s often not in the right format, or there are several different versions with no indication of which one is the final, approved version ready for publication. 

These challenges are what video asset management (Video MAM) seeks to solve. It’s not enough to just produce videos. They need to be linked to specific segments of the market, and as previously mentioned, you need to be able to access the right video, at the right time. 

Enterprises and organizations housing thousands upon thousands of videos in their libraries can’t rely on simple storing software such as Google Drive or OneDrive. They need something more sophisticated, they need video media management software. 

A smart video asset management software will make the videos easily accessible to anyone in your business who needs them. Intelligent Video MAM will enhance your use of video in marketing campaigns to create consistent customer experiences, and allow you to archive and monetise old content, among many other uses.

Features of Video Asset Management System

The video MAM solutions from Vidipines offers several different features that benefit marketers, creators and organizations at each stage of the video content life cycles allowing them to:

  • Streamline their video assets production process
    Our video asset management systems streamline your video creation process through dynamic imaging across your entire organization, optimizing and delivering to website intranets and partner exchanges.
  • Reduce cost and time spent preparing media delivery for multiple channels
    Our video MAM automates manual processes of preparing media for multi-channel delivery, reducing both times and costs, where you can expect: shortened image production cycles, higher ROI, more dynamic and personalized websites, extended investments in content management solutions.
  • Automate the video production
    The Vidispine video asset management systems support a wide range of commonly (and uncommonly) used file formats. It allows you to convert your files into web-ready formats with support for the industry’s most popular file formats.
  • Integrate with designer tools and formats
    Your designer and content creators can work in the files original format, size and colour mode, and then create media templates to convert the assets for a particular project, for any medium.

Benefits of Video Asset Management Software

With our video asset management systems you can expect the following benefits:

  • Test and optimize video content variations, enabling creative optimization within different ad platforms
  • Resize and configure video assets to fit different online and social media ad formats
  • Localize and adapt content to match local markets, industries and languages
  • Segment and personalize video content variations to better target specific audiences
  • Boost channel marketing by allowing different agents such as distributors, resellers and other third parties to create video content in compliance with your brand for their territory and/or region
  • Leverage data-driven video asset creation as well as automated video content updates

What’s the Difference between VAM, DAM & MAM?

It’s easy to get lost in the many acronyms being thrown around within the industry. You are more than likely familiar with at least one or two but might just have heard about the others. Understanding the difference between these asset management systems and picking the right one can make or break your content creation efforts:


  • DAM - Digital asset management
    DAM is great for managing brand and image assets. It’s mainly focused on managing already finished digital assets. The key functionalities of DAM solutions include uploading, searching, and transforming digital assets for several different formats. At times, DAM is used as an umbrella term that other more specialized asset management solutions sit under.
  • MAM - Media asset management
    MAM was traditionally focused on archiving and storage of video assets, but, being pioneered by the broadcast media, it was expanded to serve other functions, including the distribution of media. With the increase of businesses producing multimedia content, Media asset management tools have grown to accommodate a much wider array of needs.
  • VAM - Video asset management
    VAM, or as it’s often referred to - VDAM (Video Digital Asset Management), is a subset of MAM. A MAM system includes additional advanced functions beyond the basic store and search functions to handle both pre- and post-production. For example, editing, collaboration, sharing, and version tracking. VAM usually integrates within a larger MAM or DAM system and enables direct uploading to distribution channels (such as YouTube or Vimeo).


Asset management is the foundation of a media supply chain, just as the media supply chain is the foundation of a business. Take control over your asset management with the Vidispine solutions and learn how we can maximize your media potential. 


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