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What is Enterprise Digital Asset Management?

Traditionally, Enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) has been described as a system used by bigger brands to manage all types of assets that they use, including their brand- and marketing assets. In general, an enterprise DAM can be described as a tool that helps bigger corporations store, share, organize and manage assets such as images, graphics, documents, videos, audio etc. For a brand, this might include content such as marketing material, product icons, logos and similar.

This page will provide you with relevant information about what enterprise digital asset management and brand asset management is and how Vidispine can help your business and brand in scalable growth.

What Is a Digital Asset?

A digital asset is simply a digital file you own the rights to, which is utilized in one way or another within your company. As mentioned, this could for example be files such as images, videos or documents.

Benefits of a DAM System and Software

Vidispine's enterprise Enterprise Digital Asset Management helps all teams and departments within your organization to accomplish their goals in a more efficient manner, automates workflows and boosts creativity. It provides the following benefits:

  • Organizes your digital assets in a central cloud location, allowing you and everyone with permission, to access them from anywhere in the world, from any device, at any given time
  • A place to store all your digital assets with the possibility to add third-party tools for things such as editing, transcoding or cognitive services
  • Efficient and sophisticated search capabilities helping you locate the right digital assets you need at the right moment
  • Managing press kits and picture collections for easy access
  • VidiNet Cognitive Services – Automated watermarking for images and automated image tagging and face recognition

The Future of Enterprise DAM

One of Vidispines’ most prevalent values is being ahead of the curve in the development of DAM solutions. We therefore put a lot of resources into developing our DAM system to both fit our clients current needs, as well as future needs. When looking towards the future of our DAM system, Vidispine is focusing on three aspects:


AI is on everyone’s lips nowadays and has been for a while, whether you’re talking about cars or computers, and DAM is not an exception. We’re currently developing and planning to implement different AI functionalities within our DAM system such as object recognition, image searching, facial analysis, geo-searching landmarks, search similar, and much more.

Automated production

We’re also looking into automated production where the computer itself will be able to generate clips and stories and publish them through our DAM system. The DAM system will be able to identify what’s interesting and what’s currently popular, and automatically create a video compilation publish.

End user analysis

Last but not least is end user analysis. There’s currently a divide between the content creator and the consumer where there is little to no communication between the two. We want to bridge this gap where we want to give you the opportunity to: Create content > Receive customer response > Create more content based on the customers response > …

Why Do You Need a DAM Platform?

The traditional solution for storing and managing digital assets was to use one’s own internal servers. This usually resulted in bulky, overcrowded and very disorganized servers, only accessible from inside the office.

Even if your servers were perfectly organized, most servers have a version, on top of a version, on top of a version for every digital asset you own – resulting in a somewhat imperfect solution in our far-flung, connected world.

Vidispine's DAM software nullifies all these problems and collects everything in one central, cloud-based server that anyone can access from anywhere.

Who Needs an Enterprise Digital Asset Management System?

Almost any type of company could get value from a digital asset management solution, whether it’s a marketing bureau, a retail store or a manufacturer. There is no limit to how small or big your company has to be to justify using a DAM system.

You might ask yourself: “Why not just use a DAM system such as Google Drive or Dropbox?”. To answer that; have a look at your own internal servers or desktop and compare them to Drive and Dropbox – similar, aren’t they?

The simple answer why you need a DAM system such as Vidispine's is that systems such as Drive and Dropbox are too simple. They work great for your average household where the simple yet effective features of a one-dimensional folder are enough. But they fall short when looking at what a company might need in terms of complex search functionalities among hundred of thousands digital assets, organizing them and managing who need access to them.

What Is Brand Asset Management Software?

A brand asset management system (BAM) refers to a specific part of digital asset management regarding the handling of assets that are utilized for the marketing and branding of your company. Brand asset management provides you with the following benefits:

  • Make sure your brand is represented correctly and consistently across all channels and platforms
  • Helps your organization always have the correct images, dimensions and guidelines for your brand usage close at hand for all channels and platforms
  • Keeps all materials and every internal memo in a structured way, ready to be utilised at any given moment

What is a branded asset?

Branded assets include any type of digital assets, files, documents, images, videos etc., that are used to showcase your organization’s brand. The most widely known branded assets include:

  • Brand name
  • Logos
  • Artwork and graphics
  • Taglines and slogans
  • Templates – for all types of content such as videos, press releases, mails etc.
  • Documents and guidelines – specific for branding your company correctly
  • Internal and marketing communications materials – e.g. business cards or letterheads

Why is BAM so important?

Your brand is one of the most important aspects of your business. It’s a reflection of your company that clients recognize you by, helping you both grow, and reach new clients. A brand asset management system is an essential part of any company to help assure your brand assets are well-organized, stored in an appropriate and logical way, and easily accessible to all your teams and departments.

Brand asset management is simply important because your brand is important.

What’s the Difference between VAM, DAM & MAM?

It’s easy to get lost in the many acronyms being thrown around within the industry. You are more than likely familiar with at least one or two but might just have heard about the others. Understanding the difference between these asset management systems and picking the right one can make or break your content creation efforts:


  • DAM - Digital asset management
    DAM is great for managing brand and image assets. It’s mainly focused on managing already finished digital assets. The key functionalities of DAM solutions include uploading, searching, and transforming digital assets for several different formats. At times, DAM is used as an umbrella term that other more specialized asset management solutions sit under.
  • MAM - Media asset management
    MAM was traditionally focused on archiving and storage of video assets, but, being pioneered by the broadcast media, it was expanded to serve other functions, including the distribution of media. With the increase of businesses producing multimedia content, Media asset management tools have grown to accommodate a much wider array of needs.
  • VAM - Video asset management
    VAM, or as it’s often referred to - VDAM (Video Digital Asset Management), is a subset of MAM. A MAM system includes additional advanced functions beyond the basic store and search functions to handle both pre- and post-production. For example, editing, collaboration, sharing, and version tracking. VAM usually integrates within a larger MAM or DAM system and enables direct uploading to distribution channels (such as YouTube or Vimeo).


Asset management is the foundation of a media supply chain, just as the media supply chain is the foundation of a business. Take control over your asset management with the Vidispine solutions and learn how we can maximize your media potential. 

Increase Productivity & Improve Access by Investigating in a DAM Solution

Vidispine offers scalable enterprise digital asset management software, helping you increase your productivity in the workplace via easy access and managing of your digital assets. Vidipines enterprise digital asset management platform allows you to focus and spend time on what you do best: your business, instead of having to fuss around with technology.

The Vidispine innovative enterprise digital asset management platform optimizes the management, use and distribution of rich media assets at scale across the digital ecosystem. Our DAM platform helps you with everything from creating high-quality content, to distributing it for client consumption. It’s an SSOT (Single Source Of Truth) system, consolidating all your digital assets for marketing, branding, commerce as well as video and global distribution.

Vidispine's enterprise DAM solutions offer a secure, scalable and easy way to access and manage all your digital assets, both inside and outside the firewall. Our enterprise DAM can support billions of digital media assets, allows for search functions across countless metadata fields in mere seconds, easy managing of large files such as HD, 4K, 5K and 8K videos, and can handle several hundred petabyte storage requirements with built-in storage optimization and support.

Are you looking for a holistic, effective and simple way to manage your digital assets and brand assets? Contact Vidispine and we’ll help you get started with our digital asset management system today.

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