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Video distribution platform

Video Distribution Platform

What is a video distribution platform and why is it important when wanting to succeed with video?

Peter BC
Video distribution platform
Why is it important?
How does Vidispine's platform work?

What Does Video Distribution Mean?

Video distribution refers to the process of making video content available to audiences through various channels, such as broadcast television, streaming platforms, and social media. It also includes the process of encoding, transcoding, and packaging the video files for optimal streaming quality and compatibility with different devices. 

What is a video distribution platform?

A video distribution platform enables you to create, encode, manage, upload, style, deliver, convert, download, edit, store and playback video content (depending on the video distribution platform). Its purpose is to provide you with an overall solution for creating and publishing video content online.

With Vidispine’s video distribution platform you get access to a cloud-based comprehensive solution for all your video management needs where you won’t have to worry about building or having to manage your own data centers or infrastructure. The flexibility of our video distribution services gives you the possibility to distribute individual videos to the most appropriate channels and platforms.

Why is a video distribution platform important?

Because video matters. It is believed that around 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021 will be in video format. It’s therefore becoming a necessity to be able to create intriguing, relevant and high-quality video content of different varieties on a large scale. But not only that, you also need an effective video distribution to actually distribute it and make sure it reaches the right channels, for the right audience, at the right time. 

This is where a video distribution platform comes into play. It simply allows you to create high-quality content at a high pace and in large quantities, distribute and share it with your audience in channels such as your own website, landing pages, blogs, via email, or social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

How does Vidispine's video distribution platform work?

With Vidispine’s video distribution services you have the whole video creation and distribution process established in one place:


Step 1: Connect your cloud storage/bucket to the Vidispine video distribution platform, or simply drag and drop your video files directly onto the platform. Vidispine´s video distribution services will instantly encode your videos and host them in our cloud-based server on your behalf, saving time, space and effort.


Step 2: Once your video is uploaded you can edit, style and transcode it however you want via different editing tools such as Kaltura, our own VidiEditor and/or EditMate. Here you can title it, tag it and add specific keywords to make it attractive on search engines.


Step 3: After you’re done editing, simply select the video sites and/or social media channels where you want to distribute your video and fits your requirements the best – and press publish. It’s as simple as that.


Step 4: Within Vidispine’s video distribution platform you also get access to comprehensive video analytics regarding detailed insights of video performance such as:

  • Video watch time
  • Total number of views
  • Unique views and impressions
  • Stats on user visits
  • Location and behavior on site

Benefits of Vidispine's video distribution platform

  • Cloud-native
    Vidispine’s video distribution services are cloud-native where you get access to fast, scalable and reliable video management tools such as cloud-based transcoding, encoding and storage.
  • Easy to use
    You won’t need any additional knowledge for creating or editing videos within our video distribution platform, making the process both fast and easy.
  • Ready-made templates
    To make your video creation even more simple you also get access to different types of ready-made templates you can choose from and edit according to your needs.
  • Agile video distribution
    The freshest video is often worth the most. We can guarantee it pays off to be able to distribute a video before it becomes old news. The Vidispine video distribution platform is able to move just as fast as events do, giving you the possibility to ingest and categorize new content and call up old content while it’s useful and relevant.
  • Future-proofing your media content 
    When you have distributed your videos, we have a video archiving solution for managing and preserving those video files. Video archiving solutions are often a requirement for larger corporations to be able to store, track, manage, and re-use their video content. 


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