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The Clouds are Clearing

An IABM Panel Discussion

Worth watching from an IABM panel on cloud and the media industry. Hear Vidispine’s CEO discuss the impact and opportunities of the cloud together with other industry insiders.

Hear Vidispine CEO Erik Åhlin, Paul Thompson, Director Strategic Solutions at Avid, Micky Edwards, Head of Sales EMEA at Amagi, and Ramki Sankaranarayanan, CEO at Prime Focus Technologies talk about the opportunities of the cloud in the media industry, in the IABM panel “The clouds are clearing”.

I’ll leave you with some quotes, but it’s worth watching all of it.

“It’s not just about technology, it’s also about how you organize yourself to live in an as-a-service model with software-, infrastructure-, and platform-as-a-service, which is completely different to a project based MAM environment” -  Erik Åhlin

On client requirements and business models from Micky Edwards:

“Having the agility and flexibility to run a service for a day, or a week gives them a very different look on what they can do within the business.”

On cloud marketplaces from Ramki Sankaranarayanan:

“your ability to have dynamically resources available for you to connect, and if there is a new end use that’s coming up and you need to rap something up quickly I think marketplaces are a great place to go and leverage some of those functionalities available on tap”

And on business outcomes from Paul Thompson:

“if we really get into what they want to accomplish the business outcomes are substantially different to what they can achieve today with traditional on-premise solutions.”

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