Automate your digital supply chain with new VidiNet services from Nablet

New VidiNet services from Nablet
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New cognitive services in VidiNet from Nablet.

Vidispine partner Nablet is a German company with a strong track record in the broadcast and media industry. Nablet codecs are utilized by many leading transcoders, including our own VidiCoder.

Together, we’ve now made the latest innovations from Nablet, Shrynk and Heightscreen, accessible to all by making them available in the VidiNet media services Platform-as-a-Service.

Nablet Shrynk

Nablet Shrynk “shrinks” content by using AI (artificial intelligence) to automatically detecting the highlights within a sports event. Shrynk has been trained with a wide variety of content and today supports the following sports:

  • Football (Soccer)
  • Ice Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Single-seat motor racing
  • Handball
Nablet screenshot 1

The Shrynk algorithm has been trained using viewer feedback as well as actual manually edited highlights. So basically, anything that editors and viewers found important as a highlight in the five different areas of sports will be detected by Nablet Shrynk.

In a soccer game a red card or the keeper saving a free kick will qualify as a highlight in the same way as a missed 3 point shot in a basketball game.

As a Nablet Shrynk can condense the highlights of soccer game to rapidly produce an EDL or clip of a pre-defined duration, containing only the goals and most intense action scenes. 

While this new technology has the potential to reduce workload during “live” events by automating the task of editing highlights, it also presents the opportunity for sports teams and content owners to easily promote and potentially monetize archive content and open up new revenue streams.


Nablet screenshot 2

Nablet Heightscreen

Video is “eating the world” and it’s certainly “eating” social media with one Facebook executive being bold enough to suggest that Facebook will be all video and no text by the end of 2021. Whether that comes to pass or not, it’s certainly true that through social media or other channels, we’re consuming more and more video on mobile devices and, increasingly, that video is in “vertical” (9:16) or “square” aspect ratios.  At the same time, the majority of content is still produced in horizontal (16:9) formats and consumed that way on TVs, computer displays, tablets, and also mobile.

AI-based Nablet Heightscreen automatically detects areas of interest in horizontal content and generates a vertical 9x16, square 1:1, widescreen or 3:2 version panned accordingly. This massively reduces the manual effort in preparing content for consumption through social media where vertical content gets far greater exposure than horizontal. 

Nablet screenshot 3

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