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New Technology Focused Conference

The first ever event exceeded all expectations, with close to 100 visitors from eight countries coming together in Stockholm, Sweden to discuss the latest technology topics of the moment. This new technology-focused conference, aimed at developers, solution architects and senior technologists in the media and video platform industry, provided major insights into a side of the Media and Entertainment industry that other events do not cover in such depth. 1

CONFERENCE VORTECH.BY FOCUSES ON MEDIA SUPPLY CHAIN IN THE CLOUD was created to give technology professionals the opportunity to have an in-depth look at the solutions available today, as well as provide an outlook on what is yet to come within the industry. Attendees enjoyed a wide variety of sessions on topics including the media supply chain, cloud technology and AI over the one-and-a-half day event, with sessions moderated by The DPP.

“We have received extremely positive feedback from attendees and speakers about All of the sessions were designed to bring together the best tech minds to share their views of the industry, talking about real-world challenges and the things that work and things that don’t,” said Isak Jonsson, CTO and Co-Founder of Vidispine. “This is not just a Vidispine event; our aim is that it will grow organically with different hosts. I am sure there are questions after this one that we can examine in greater detail at a future event. It’s an event that is very much needed for the development of our industry, so we hope to pass on the baton to one of our and see how it evolves.”

We want to raise a big thanks to premium sponsor Amazon Web Services (AWS), co-hosts CodemillGrabyoMagenta BroadcastMayam, Qvest MediaValossa and partner Object Matrix for making a success.

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