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What is a Video Content Management Platform?

A video content management platform, also known as video CMS (Video Content Management System), is a type of software for enterprises to streamline their process of creating, managing and sharing video content. In this way, all your video content would be centralized and easy to manage. 

While it might sound simple on the surface, managing video content has certain unique attributes that differentiate them from managing other types of content such as images or text.

Benefit of Enterprise Content Management platform

1. Improving your content management

A video content management system helps you store, organise, search, and retrieve content. It is a crucial tool to help you manage large video libraries. 

2. Making the management of video content simpler

Video content management software provides a platform to store, manage, share, and distribute video content from one central spot. The simplicity of it makes it easy for production teams to collaborate, as well as to prevent the use of homemade and unsecure solutions - such as freeware file-sharing platforms.

3. Increasing the security of your video library

More often than not, multiple contributors and partners are involved in the creation of a video. Since they need access to the media, it’s important to protect precious IP while sharing it to the people working on the video. 

A video content management system allows you to manage the access permission for different users and groups however you want and need, setting roles and permissions to give the appropriate level of control. 

4. Maximizing accessibility for users

A video CMS provides features to classify, organise, search, and retrieve content at a moments notice, such as metadata creation tools, or time-based metadata tags. Paired with advanced search functionality, everyone can find the content whenever they need it.

5. Streamlining video production and distribution workflows

Using a video content management platform allows for automated workflows for processes such as format conversion, file distribution, and social media publishing, creating both easier and faster workflows. This will dramatically increase the efficiency of most, if not all, your time-consuming video production and distribution processes.

Choosing the best video management software

What the best enterprise video management software is for you depends on various factors such as the size of your video library. A company with a small enough video library might not even need one at all. Just remember: a video content management platform is always best adopted before everything else gets too large and complex. 

Keep these three non-technical takeaways in mind when looking for the best video content management system for your organization:

  • Is it user-friendly?: The only way in which a software solution will be a good investment is when all users across functions and roles will be able to adopt it with ease in a short span of time. 
  • Is it scalable?: Make sure the video content management system is completely scalable to allow for further company growth. Not all video CMS's are designed according to the large scale of enterprise video content management.  
  • Is it adaptable?: Your choice of video content management software should be easily integrated with key systems and third-party software architecture to be able to expand its functionality.

Create the best video content management system with Vidispine

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It is vital that you manage and organize your metadata within the complete media supply chain to be able to optimize your video content management workflow. The performance of your video content management software depends on the available metadata models supplied by the supporting media supply chain ability to provide an efficient distribution infrastructure.

VidiCore API is a metadata-driven software architecture, allowing you to specify multiple generic and configurable metadata models in the same repository, capturing all information you need on any object in the database.

Integrate your video content management platform with the VidiCore API media supply chain today and ensure a robust, flexible, and completely scalable digital media supply chain - from content acquisition to distribution. 

What’s the difference between a video CMS and MAM?

Because both CMS and MAM (media asset management) are content management systems, they are sometimes used interchangeably or simply confused with each other. While they share many common technologies and capabilities in the media workflow, there is a key difference between them, namely the environment the media files are organized and managed in:

  • A video CMS is an application that organizes and manages your media files in a distribution environment.
  • A MAM system is an application that organizes and manages your media files in a production environment.



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