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AWS Transcoder

What is AWS Elemental MediaConvert and how can it be used from VidiNet, our cloud-based media service platform? 

What is AWS Transcoder?
AWS transcoder on VidiNet
Amazon EC2
Why VidiNet?

What is AWS Transcoder?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) transcoder, also referred to as AWS Elemental MediaConvert, is Amazon’s own file-based video transcoding solution. It provides customers with the capability to ingest, process, package and deliver video content at scale. The service combines advanced video and audio capabilities and pay-as-you-go pricing.

AWS transcoder makes it possible to focus on creating interesting video content without having to worry about the complex and time-consuming task of operating and maintaining your own video processing infrastructure.

VidiNet allows you to use AWS Elemental MediaConvert as a service directly from the VidiCore API, with all AWS Elemental MediaConvert output system presets accessible through the VidiCore API as native transcode presets.

Using Amazon Video Transcoder on the VidiNet Platform

You will have access to the exact same features running AWS transcoder on the VidiNet platform, but with the added value of being a cloud-based service and natively integrated with the VidiCore API.

Key features of AWS transcoder

  1. Broadcast capabilities for video-on-demand content:
    Based upon the technology of AWS Elemental MediaConvert, AWS transcoder provides a wide range of comprehensive features allowing you to create high-quality video content, including features such as graphic overlay, multi-language protection, and professional broadcast format.
  2. Input and output support:
    By being on the VidiNet platform, the AWS video transcoding service supports a wide range of different input and output video formats, compression standards, and adaptive bitrate packaging formats and allows for advanced color sampling as well as processing and conversion of 4K and 8K resolution sources and high dynamic range video content.
  3. Automated resource provisioning:
    Being integrated with the VidiCore API, Amazon’s video transcoding eliminates the hassle of having to manage video processing infrastructure. VidiCore API automates the key features of workload provisioning and management, where you can configure it freely according to your specifications.
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Webinar - Watch on Demand!

A joint webinar with AWS Elemental which covered AWS Elemental MediaConvert and how to use it in VidiNet. 

Benefits of Running AWS Transcoder on VidiNet

Benefits from integration with the VidiCore API

By running AWS transcoder on a cloud-based platform such as VidiNet, as well as being natively integrated with the VidiCore API – running AWS transcoder on VidiNet provides a host of benefits compared to running it on your own local hardware.

The first and foremost one is that you get access to a holistic and flexible solution for all your video transcoding needs. VidiNet allows you to transcode files within all cloud-storages such as Amazon, Azure and Google and are able to communicate with them independently of each other. In other words: everything you need to be gathered in one place.

  • Access to presets
    Running Amazon video transcoding service from the VidiCore API via Vidinet gives you access to all AWS Elemental MediaConvert output system presets where an AWS Elemental MediaConvert transcoder will automatically be chosen when selecting a MediaConvert preset to transcode.
  • Simplified price calculations
    The prices are exactly the same when transcoding via VidiNet or directly via MediaConvert, with the identical pay-as-you-go pricing structure with a per minute charge.

We’ve introduced this feature because there’s a common notion that the pricing of a cloud-service can be quite difficult to understand since the price structure is hard to grasp. Using the VidiCore API on any VidiNet media service will simplify the price calculations by using the unique cost estimation feature in the VidiCore API, regardless if you need a price estimate for an encoding job or AWS Elemental MediaConvert job. By using the same factors as AWS Elemental MediaConvert including codec, resolution, frame rate and quality of output, we’re able to calculate the cost based on the target (output) preset.

Benefits from running on a cloud-native platform

  • Scalability
    The foremost benefit of running AWS Transcoding on VidiNet is the possibility of endless scalability on all levels and in all directions, allowing you to meet growing or decreasing (and often unpredictable) video transcoding demands. You can start small to test your business case, and continuously scale up or down depending on your needs, without having to invest in additional infrastructure.
  • Unlimited computing power
    Transcoding is a computing demanding task that requires high-quality hardware to be able to perform fast transcoding at scale. Managing your own local hardware and software is in most cases both more expensive than a cloud-based solution, and much more time consuming. With Vidispine you get access to pretty much unlimited process power, allowing for transcoding at scale.
  • Easy-to-use
    AWS Transcoder via VidiNet allows for an easy-to-use cloud-transcoding service with all the latest formats and features, integrated with VidiCore API, resulting in a holistic and flexible transcode service.
  • Cheap
    With an identical price model to the Amazon video transcoding service, AWS Elemental MediaConvert via VidiNet is one of the cheapest options out there where you only pay for what you use.

Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as Amazon EC2, is a central part of Amazon’s cloud computing platform AWS, allowing you to rent virtual computers and run applications in the cloud. With that description in mind, is it any different from VidiNet?

On a surface level, there are no differences between them. They are the exact same cloud-based computing service where you hire Amazon’s/Vidispines’ software and hardware, allowing you to run different applications such as transcoding or encoding software in the cloud.

Why use VidiNet then? 

The main difference, and the biggest reason to use VidiNet instead of Amazon EC2, lies in VidiNet’s flexibility. Amazon EC2 is limited to its own cloud, where VidiNet is not. VidiNet allows you to use services such as cloud-encoding and cloud-transcoding within different cloud storages, independent of each other.

Invest in Vidinet for a Cloud-Based Solution for All Your Transcoding Needs

We provide your business with a fully managed media supply chain, allowing you to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the media industry and business requirements.

Contact Vidispine today if you’ve got further questions about our AWS Elemental MediaConvert via VidiNet, or want to learn more about our other advanced systems for video and image management.

Q&A's for AWS Transcoder

  • Transcoding presets are specification templates of how you want the transcoded output to look. Specifications for transcoding a video include the container format, audio/video codec, and specific codec configurations, among many other things.

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