Video content management as a service


VidiXplore is a lightweight video content management system in your browser. Leave originals where they are, on-premise or in cloud storage – tag, search, manage and share in the cloud. VidiXplore scales with you from a personal tool to a global enterprise system.

Simplifying video content management

Content anywhere

Your content is everywhere, and you want to keep track of it. VidiXplore lets you discover all your media content from one interface. Keep your originals in where they are, in cloud storages such as Dropbox or AWS S3, on local servers or somebody's personal computer. You can also upload directly into VidiXplore and store your originals there. Organize the content using collections, spanning all storage locations.

Tag and find

Your content grows every minute, and you need to find the right clip. VidiXplore lets you tag collections and items, make time-coded comments, harvest existing metadata when importing assets and add your custom metadata schema. Then use the advanced search capabilities to find the item you need right now.

Create and share

Your content is valuable, and you cannot just let it sit there. VidiXplore lets you create new content from your existing videos using our frame accurate rough cut editor to create new clips. Use the storyboard to re-arrange and build a brand new video. Share your content via direct links or publish to social media. Decide if you want to allow viewing only or downloads of the original. You can even have the link expire at any set time.

Extensible platform

You have content, and now you want to build a business around it. VidiXplore was created using the Vidispine API, giving you access to the full power of the RESTful API when you are ready to build your solution. Extend and modify using the Django/Python/AngularJS based Vidispine Development Toolkit.


You can sign up for VidiXplore for free and get all base functionality to get you going. The paid plan adds advanced capabilities in transcoding and storage. When you need to customize to your needs, we also have an enterprise version giving you all the power of the underlying Vidispine RESTful API.

Free plan


The free plan contains everything you need to get full control over all your media content. You have access to tagging, custom metadata, commenting, and advanced search functionality. With the free plan, you get 2GB of CloudCopy space per account.

Paid plan

from €39/month

The paid plan contains everything from the free plan adding on professional transcoding formats, advanced metadata editing, and higher quality web proxies. With the paid plan you get 5GB of CloudCopy space per user, extendible in 100GB increments.


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If you are looking to build your own media application, the preferred method is to use the Vidispine Development Toolkit on top of the Vidispine API. The toolkit contains frontend and backend components together with tools for managing deployment and operations.