IBC 2017

We have exhibited as guests for many years, and now is the time to participate with our own booth.

On Demand Media Services at Cloud Scale

What happens in the booth

Vidinet Launch (Saturday Sep 16 17:00-18.00)

We are launching our new marketplace for cloud media services. Learn about Vidinet, talk to the architects behind it, and meet partners and friends for beer and snacks. Sign up for your spot.

Learn About the Vidispine Ecosystem

Visit our booth and see demos of Vidinet, Vidixplore SaaS, Vidixplore Enterprise and the Vidispine Server. We have three demo pods running all the time, and a couch to rest on if it is busy. You can also book a spot with anyone of us if you have specific solutions you need to discuss. Just sign up through the form.

Meet Vidispine Product Managers & Developers

Take the chance to talk directly with our product managers and core developers to get an in-depth view of what is possible to do, and maybe even a glimpse of the future.

Get an IBC Exhibitor Pass for FREE

Use the Vidispine Customer Code (20131) to register for the IBC Exhibition for free, even after early bird registration has closed.

IBC was fantastic!

Vidinet launch at IBC

IBC Innovation Award Shortlist With ITV

The NMR-led ITV Phoenix project is shortlisted in the IBC Innovation Awards. We’re proud to say we’re one of the technology vendors collaborating on the Phoenix project.

“This has been a truly collaborative project”, Neil Anderson, CEO, NMR

Vidispine Partner Companies (in our booth)

Fortunately, we will not be alone in the booth; we bring a few selected partners with us.

Accurate Player, the frame accurate HTML5 media player, purpose-built for post-production QC/QA of video, audio, and subtitles.

We build and implement tools to help companies manage and deliver media content.

Vidispine Solutions


Vidinet – the new cloud marketplace for media services. Extend your Vidispine capabilities with scalable and cost predictable cloud media services. Near-content execution of burst video and image transcoding, advanced QC, standards conversion and metadata harvesting.


Vidixplore – video content management in your browser. Leave originals where they are, on-premise or in cloud storage – tag, search, manage and share in the cloud. With Vidixplore Enterprise you have full access to the Vidispine API, as well as a UI framework to get you started.

Vidispine Server

Vidispine API – shortcut your R&D. Through the feature-rich RESTful API developers have access to advanced metadata handling and search functionality, a complete transcoder and rule-based storage management, built on scalable, cloud-ready, infrastructure agnostic platform.

See you there!