Vidispine goes to NAB Show 2019

By Sofie - March 21, 2019 (Last updated: March 25, 2019)

Join Vidispine and Arvato Systems at NAB 2019. You will find us at booth SU10106. Take the chance to talk directly with our solution architects and core developers to get an in-depth view of what we do, and maybe even a glimpse of the future. Sign up for a meeting here!

Tomorrow’s media supply chain will not look like yesterday’s, or even today’s. Any company wanting to compete in a rapidly changing media landscape must be able to adapt to the evolving environment, both from a technology and a business point-of-view. Meet us at NAB and let us show you how to use the Vidinet media service platform as a base on which to build flexible and cost-effective media supply chains. Users can choose to enable only the services needed, as and when required.


Find us in booth #SU10106 together with Arvato Systems and see demos of how Vidispine provides content owners with a fully managed media supply chain backbone, more Vidinet Services, Vidispine API as a Service, AI services in Vidinet, Vidispine with VPMS EditMate and many new features and integrations. Just click here to register for a meeting.

Also visit Vidispine at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) booth, where we exhibit as a member of the Amazon Partner Network (APN). You will find AWS in booth #SU2202.



Vidinet enables you to spin up private instances of the Vidispine API as a fully managed cloud service. Vidinet also allows you to boost any Vidispine API with instantly scalable cloud-based media services, such as transcoding and QC, running right next to your media content.


Vidispine API – shortcut your R&D. Through the feature-rich RESTful API developers have access to advanced metadata handling and search functionality, a complete transcoder and rule-based storage management, built on scalable, cloud-ready, infrastructure agnostic platform.


The Vidispine Development Toolkit shortens your development time when building applications on top of the Vidispine API. It is the same set of tools and components we use in-house at Vidispine, now available for everyone building on the Vidispine platform.



April 8-11
Find us together with Arvato Systems in booth #SU10106.

Find us in the Amazon Web Services booth #SU2202.

April 8
Check out NAB Sports 2019 at the Longevity Sports Center in Las Vegas. If you would like to join the event, register today!

April 9
Join us for the annual 4k 4Charity Fun Run!