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Standardized media processes & increased customer satifsfaction


Customer Case - Plint on VidiNet Media Service Platform

Plint is a fast-growing language and media technology company specializing in high-quality language services for various industries. The company offers dubbing and subtitling services to an internationally renowned customer base. Efficient content localization workflows and software solutions tailored for this use case complement their service portfolio. Demand for this kind of media services is increasing rapidly. To provide their customers with the best possible service and allow for smooth project management, the company’s workflows require a high degree of coordination and collaboration. External and internal cooperation is key for Plint, as they do not only have a numerous customer base but also need to smoothly align with more than 2,000 linguistic experts working across the globe. To future-proof the company’s position, Plint had to realign and standardize its processes and systems to prepare them for different customer requirements, content formats, and playout media. 


To make their media services even more attractive for customers and future-proof their position in the market, Plint had been looking to harmonize processes and optimize media asset management workflows. In line with the growing demand and with regard to new customers, the entire business workflows should be more scalable. In addition, the modern “Plintle” media service platform focusing on the corporate market for subtitling,  with a user-friendly interface should provide fast and convenient access to all services, handle all data exchange smoothly, create cost transparency, and thus provide an optimum user experience. To this end, all workflows should be made easier for everyone involved in the project and allow for cooperating seamlessly on the projects from anywhere. 


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As for implementation, Plint commissioned the media experts of the Vidispine team. In a joint workshop and a needs assessment, the team opted for the cloud based VidiNet media service platform. VidiNet is the central media exchange platform for “Plintle” services; it maps the entire media and workflow management end-to-end: From media delivery, its technical processing and commercial handling to the delivery of the finished productions. Its modular design enables Plint to add further Vidispine services to the platform as required. Thanks to the specially developed and user-friendly interface, customers can quickly find their way around and have a transparent overview of their project status and the costs.  


Standardized media management processes  
Increased customer satisfaction 
Enables flexible adaptations and developments for specific business cases 
Cost transparency of individual customer projects 
Intuitive and user-friendly user interface for a holistic customer experience 
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“With VidiNet, we were able to optimize our business processes and future-proof them. For our customers, project handling has now also become much easier and more convenient”. 

About Plint:

Plint is one of the fastest growing language service providers in the industry, offering subtitling, dubbing, studio services and workflow management of anything from film and series to sports, gaming, corporate and theatre content. 

Industry: Translation and Localization

Staff: 150 employees and 2000 freelancers 

Headquarter: Göteborg, further offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, London, Berlin, Karlskoga, Borås and Los Angeles

Founded in 2002 

Expertise: Translation, Subtitling, Dubbing, Voice- over, Video distribution, Localization, Video review, and Media Workflow Management


Learn more about Plint: here

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