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Fully branded sports content delivery portal 

Customer Case - ArenaPlay powered by Vidispine


ArenaPlay is a portal for distribution of soccer games in Sweden. The portal is a customized application on top of Vidixplore Enterprise, powered by Vidispine and deployed on AWS. Full-length high-quality soccer games with massive amounts of time-coded metadata are made available for immediate viewing within minutes after game-end.

“It used to take two days for a team to share their win to Facebook. Today they can share it two minutes after game end.” – Serdar Akalinli, Content Solutions Specialist at Onside TV Production

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Team coaches, players, and referees from the Swedish National Soccer Leagues required being able to review the game they just played within minutes after game-end. Functional requirements included the ability to search and find game events based on player names, event types (red cards, goals, etc.), and game-time. The customer also needed the ability to share full-length matches and game clips directly to social media and e-mail. The user interface should be crisp and responsive, as well as adapted to all types of mobile and stationary devices. And we had only one calendar month going from idea to commercial launch.

Screenshot below shows the view of timecoded game events for event type “goal”. When clicked, the game is opened in the media player on the exact timecode of the event.

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How it works

As the game goes on, the raw feed from the Onside EVS system is transcoded on-the-fly to a web-friendly format. In parallel, event data from ChyronHego is processed by Onside into timecoded metadata destined for the VidiXplore platform. The VidiXplore Server Agent (VSA), residing next to the EVS and ChyronHego systems, then processes the game videos and metadata, and uploads everything to VidiXplore on AWS. Also, on every “large event” such as a goal or penalty, a separate 50-second clip with event metadata is automatically produced by Onside Content Centre and transferred to VidiXplore by the VSA for immediate viewing in ArenaPlay.

ArenaPlay architect

Within minutes after game-end, the full-length game can then be viewed and shared, and all time-coded metadata events from the game have been made searchable with unique thumbnails for every event. Under the hood, the Vidispine Content Management Platform is used to store and index the massive amounts of timecoded metadata, as well as orchestrate all file movements to and from AWS S3 and CloudFront. VidiXplore provides the basic UI framework with user management, content search, sharing capabilities, and media player. ArenaPlay is the customized UI application built to fit the sports-oriented content and audience. The system serves hundreds of users with thousands of Gigabytes of exciting soccer every month.

“It was all achieved within a month, delivered on-time with high accuracy and excellent quality.”
Nils Lefring, Head of Product at Vidispine

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