Media services with unlimited scaling


Vidinet is a new media services platform for Vidispine Server. Vidinet extends your Vidispine Server with scalable cloud media services. Pay for services you use, when you use it, no upfront costs.

Sign up today and get $100 in trial service credits.

How it works

1. Sign up for a Vidinet Account.

2. Launch a service from the Vidinet Dashboard.

3. Connect to your Vidinet Service from your Vidispine Server.

4. Get cost estimates before submitting payload (optional) .

5. Run your Vidinet payload from Vidispine.

6. Monitor usage and cost in Vidinet Dashboard.

Enabling massive scalability

Media services for Vidispine

Boost your Vidispine Server with powerful add-on media services from Vidinet. Enjoy a smorgasbord of instantly scalable cloud-based media services running right next to your media content. Connect your Vidispine Server installation to Vidinet with a standard API call, and get immediate access to any connected Vidinet services, just as you would access any other Vidispine job.


Powerful video transcoding with extreme scalability. Read and write directly to cloud storages. Natively integrated with the
Vidispine Server API. Pay per content minute.


Advanced video QC based on Tektronix Aurora for cloud- based media. Natively integrated with the Vidispine Server API. Pay per content minute.

Near-content execution

Vidinet services are commissioned as close to your cloud content as possible for maximum throughput and cost
control. Horizontal cross-cloud scaling ensures high execution speed for bulk and single jobs on all major cloud systems.

Cost Predictability

Control your costs with a transparent pricing structure and pre-execution cost estimates. Cost estimates natively built into the API. No upfront costs - pay only for what you use. Monitor usage and costs with the Vidinet Dashboard.