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What is a Video CMS?

Video has quickly become the number one most used content type within marketing and a plethora of other areas. It was estimated that by 2021, the average person would spend 100 minutes everyday watching videos online. A 19% increase in daily viewing minutes compared to 2019 which stood at 84 minutes. As such, video is by all metrics one of the most important content types to date.

To be able to handle this influx in popularity of videos, and be able to cater large amounts of video content to your audience, traditional methods won’t suffice. Instead, many companies opt for using a so-called Video CMS. 

Video CMS stands for Video Content Management System and is simply a type of software streamlining the process of organizing video content, centralizing them and making them easy to handle online. 

How does a Video CMS work?

Benefits of a CMS for video content

Vidispine - The best video CMS

Your Contacts for Video CMS

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