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Vidispine Webinars

Are you curious about the upcoming webinars? Or did you miss one and want to watch it on demand? Take a look below!

Peter BC

Past webinars

The webinar focuses on the practical application and live editing of video content. The team addresses common challenges with remote editing, project management and remote collaboration (e.g. in feedback loops with customers). Professional editor Brian Hathaway (UTK Post Produktion) is demonstrating the full remote production workflow live from his boat! In Addition, Adobe's own Van Bedient will provide an update on what is new in Adobe Premiere, and the Arvato Systems Vidispine team will demonstrate the latest features and functions for remote collaborative working including ingest and transcoding, metadata and remote editing. 

This webinar gives insights about our AI strategy and how the integration in the Vidinet ecosystem will work. We also demonstrate the first integrations in action and take an in-depth look at the defined metadata model, the Analyzed Data Units. Last but not least, we give an overview of upcoming topics on our roadmap.

In this webinar, we will take you through the Vidispine data model, with a particular emphasis on topics that are important when doing automatic metadata harvesting. Topics we touch on are field groups, how to add semantics to your metadata with metadata datasets and the importance of choosing the correct type for your fields.

Media processing with Vidispine API & Vidinet

The first webinar covers Vidispine APIand how it can be used for media processing. We discuss the problems we are solving with the Vidispine API, such as transcoding, quality control, and standards conversion.

The second webinar is a joint session with AWS Elemental. It covers AWS Elemental MediaConvert and how to use it in Vidinet. AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a file-based video transcoding service with broadcast-grade features.

The third webinar covers IMF and how it is supported by the Vidispine Server. IMF is a file format designed to simplify the distribution of content between businesses into multiple territories by creating a single – standardized – package.

Building media applications with Vidinet

The first webinar covers the basics of Vidinet, the problems we are solving with it and how you can run the Vidispine API as a fully managed service in Vidinet. Learn what Vidinet is and what it contains, how the Vidinet Dashboard works with administration and billing, Vidispine API as a Service, and Vidispine API editions and pricing.

The second webinar covers the media services you can attach to the Vidispine API through Vidinet. Learn how to set them up, how they are used from Vidispine, and how the cost-aware API together with the straightforward pricing structure will help you keep control over costs without limiting scalability and flexibility.

The third webinar covers the Vidispine Development Toolkit. Learn how to quickly get going with application development using the UI components that are a part of the toolkit. After this webinar, you should be able to build your own miniature media supply chain based on the Vidispine API.

Your Contacts for Vidispine's webinars

Kurt Krinke
Expert for Broadcast Solutions - North America
Michael Schneider
Expert for Broadcast Solutions - Europe
Peter BC
Peter Booth-Clibborn
Sales Manager - UK & Rest of the World
Dirk Steinmeyer
Expert for Broadcast Solutions - Europe & MEA