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Baton QC by Interra

Global, scalable, broadcast-grade QC service in VidiNet

Combining the comprehensive QC capabilities of Baton with the flexibility of VidiNet, we are now able to offer automated and manual QC checks on-prem, in the cloud, or a hybrid solution. The service allows for a seamless transition of existing workflows to the cloud with clear, pay-as-you-go pricing.

Broadcast-grade QC

Harness the power of an M/L and AI-enabled QC platform, with automated and manual content checks. The VidiNet integration includes the complete functionality of Baton’s QC checker, including flash detection, Dolby AC3/E, DRM and many more. 

Full scalability within VidiNet

Enjoy limitless processing of concurrent jobs, with excellent performance. Baton QC is fully integrated with VidiCore, while its Test Plans, which support the analysis of video, audio, and subtitles, are also stored directly in the Vidispine software.

Get started with Test Plans

Sample Test Plans are included in the service for those looking to get started. If you are an existing or advanced users of Baton QC, custom Test Plans from any on-prem Baton QC Enterprise system can easily be imported to VidiCore for use with the VidiNet Baton QC Service.

Automatic configuration

Upon activation of the service, VidiCore will be provisioned with all configuration necessary to use the service.

Intuitive QC results

Data is available as both VidiCore metadata, as well as Baton QC native document format reports (PDF/XML).

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Get started with Baton QC in VidiNet

Let us help you get started with Baton QC in VidiNet. Check out the knowledge base for more information, or contact us to get a free demo or let us help you create a customized trial based on your needs.

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