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Media Management API in the cloud

The Vidispine API is our core server technology, providing a media management back-end to integrate our existing Media Asset Management (MAM) solution with your current infrastructure, or for you to build your own complete media supply chain from media and metadata acquisition all the way out to distribution. We can do this by relying on a modular architecture designed for the ground up to be completely flexible and adaptable to any customer requirement.  

In doing this, we have separated the REST API communication layer from the user interface (UI) required by customer and media supply chain projects. The result is a MAM system and developer platform Independent of on-prem of cloud environments. 

The Vidispine API database will also conform all metadata information into our intermediate metadata format. This enables you to specify multiple generic and configurable metadata models in the same repository, capturing all information you need on any object in the database. The metadata granularity spans from repository down to objects in a video frame, giving you perfect control over all content. 

Vidinet - overview

Vidispine as a Service (VaaS) - your media management in the cloud

Using Vidinet and our Vidispine as a Service (VaaS), you can access transcoding services like Vidispine Transcoder, or industry 3rd party transcode and packaging solutions like Bitmovin and AWS Elemental Media Convert. You can also access new cognitive services for transcription and image recognition, to mention a few. And this list of services is growing.  

Vidispine Server also handles all the complexity of storage types and locations for you, being completely independent of the underlying storage technology. Customers can use local and network storage together with cloud-based storage and third-party storage vendors. The rule-based storage management gives you complete control over what goes where for all your storage locations, on item level, with automatically triggered file movements. 

What does all this mean?

Building an entirely new media supply chain or adding and integrating new essential technologies into an existing supply chain, comes with several compromises. You most likely need to change some of your requirements to make it work the way you want it to. Unless you design and develop your complete inhouse media supply chain yourself, something that takes time and requires a substantial amount of money and resources.  

We can offer something much better.  

Using the media management API or (VaaS) on Vidinet, you can get the best of both worlds. You get the capabilities of a developer platform where Vidispine has already prepared 80 % development components – and at the same time, a relationship to an industry-leading MAM software provider with a complete developer, integration, and support team supporting your media supply chain development. 

We have done 80% of the work –[ and the last 20% is the UI ] - so it is faster to use our APIs to deliver a project - as we have done all the hard work already. Why start from nothing?  

Peter Booth-Clibborn, Head of Global Sales, Vidispine 

Vidinet - a star is born


Vidinet, can be described as a service store where the cloud is already set up by Vidispine. In here, you will among other services find our cloud-native f Vidispine API - Vidispine as a Service (VaaS).

We continue to add services here that otherwise needs to be developed and maintained to manage a MAM based cloud system efficiently. The possibility to dynamically scale performance, pause or resume your systems and get instant cost estimates are just some of the features that are essential for our customers.

In Vidinet you will add your cloud or on-prem storage, Vidispine API (VaaS) and an additional number of 3rd party services that you need. Best of all – you can deploy and integrate with all these services through the Vidispine API (VaaS). 

Let us help you get started!

Let us help you get started with our Media management API in Vidinet. Contact us to get a free demo or let us help you create a customized trial based on your needs. You can find the contact info below.

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Starter Edition

Vidispine API Starter Edition is the perfect choice for smaller media supply chain projects, as well as development projects, proof-of-concepts, testing new API features and explorative activities. Find a detailed pricing list on the Vidinet page

$49 / day

Team Edition

Vidispine API Team Edition is the perfect choice for production systems. All system components are configured in redundant failover clusters, powered by performant servers. Find a detailed pricing list on the Vidinet page

$165 / day


When you need a full high availability service, extra performance, and dedicated scalability, it’s time to go for the Scale Edition. 

Contact us to learn more about the Scale Edition. 

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