What Was Up at IBC 2016 With Vidispine

By Vidispine - September 19, 2016 (Last updated: April 9, 2017)

This year’s IBC was about running professional video solutions in the cloud, as well a serious amount of VR and metadata. We came, we talked and now we’re going home to create the future. Check out what we show-cased at IBC.

Vidispine at IBC2016 IBCShow

This year’s IBC for us was about running professional video solutions in the cloud. Vidispine’s co-founder Erik set the scene with a post about cloud video platforms, and what is needed to make it work.  Hint – it’s not about the technology, it’s about business! I hope you got the time to talk more with Erik about it at IBC. If not, it’s not to late, just give us a shout on any channel with your thoughts on the matter.

What did we bring with us to IBC? We brought integrations – we gave you a new integration with SDVI Rally, and also a teaser from the VidiXplore Lab, the MatrixStore/VidiXplore integration, and of course we also showcased the Quantum Lattus integration. We also showed you the AccuratePlayer, a new frame accurate HTML5 video player for VidiXplore from our partner Codemill. Check it out, it’s good!

AccuratePlayer screenshot

We are also really proud to be a part of ITV’s new digital marketing campaign management system built by NMR, Codemill and Cantemo, using Vidispine as the media asset management backend.

We wrote in the newsletter that this year’s IBC will be so funny it’s not even funny anymore. It was, and it was so funny we barely had time to talk to everyone we wanted to talk to, neither see everything (or anything) that happened at IBC. There were of course clouds everywhere you went, in all shapes and forms, and we were of course guilty of bringing more clouds to the mix. While clouds were big we’d say that VR were the loudest this year, the buzz has turned into a thunderstorm of new gadgets, software, algorithms, businesses and what not. If you’re not in VR, you’re out seems to be thinking here.