Week of Oct 5 highlights

By Patrik - October 9, 2015 (Last updated: April 5, 2017)

This week we are amazed by Disney Research and how they bring coloring books to life, looks at how AWS dwarfs its competitors, have Eskil hack the new monitors, finds a new lossless image format, get inspired by API hacks, and read an article on video asset management with our friends from Cantemo. All in all, a mixed plate of goodies.

Illustration to highlights with table of mixed food.

Busy week, and we’ll start off with some good reading about video asset management, where our partner Cantemo are mentioned. They cite a report concluding that about half of the users are dissatisfied with their asset management software. All the hard things are mentioned, such as setting up workflows, creating a metadata model and integration with other systems. Get that right and the chance of success increases.

Cool new science from the people at Disney Research, where they bring characters from colouring books alive. Disney Research is worth keeping an eye on if you are interested in research on video processing and computer graphics.

AWS is now, if reports are correct, ten times the size of its competitors, combined! Let that sink in for a while. This is at a scale which noone can ignore, regardless what you do in the industry. Are there ways to compete other than by differentiation? How do you relate to this if you are a customer? Are there (business) risks associated with dealing with someone so dominant? What will be next in ‘race to zero’? At Vidispine we tend to focus on innovation heigth and culture at the larger vendors we deal with. If there is a certain degree of hunger and curiousity to innovate along with a pragmatic, relaxed and forward thinking culture – price and size is less relevant. So far AWS proven to be all of this so we really can’t see why they should stop growing!

We like video and images, and new image compression formats. A few days ago FLIF was released with impressive compression results on all kind of images. What we really like is the possibility for progressive decoding and still getting a reasonable preview. Question mark regarding performance though, but it is work in progress so we look forward to some performance statistics.

Eskil got a new monitor, a very nice Dell Ultrasharp U2515H, an excellent 25″ 2560×1440 monitor at a good price point. He uses this modeline and settings to get it running at 2560×1440@55Hz with a Nvidia graphics card on Linux.

We love APIs, and are always looking for inspiration. This week’s inspiration is from NordicAPI and their Slack-bot, showing off how simple it is to add functionality when you have good APIs. Maybe it is time to do some API integration prototypes where we dig into how to integrate video into various applications that are in need of it.