VidiXplore, Now With Permissions on Items and Collections

By Patrik - November 7, 2016 (Last updated: April 7, 2017)

VidiXplore, your mission control for all your digital files, just got updated with user and group permissions. This new functionality will allow you to set access and editing permissions on your Items and Collections for named user accounts.

We have updated VidiXplore with user and group permissions on items and collections. Set up your different teams in your instance and give them access to what they need, based on their role. This works with named account in all instances.

Collection permissions

VidiXplore collection permissions

Hover the new Permissions icon to see who has access. By default, all instance users will get Modify permissions on all Collections in the system, meaning right to modify the Title, Description, Metadata and add/remove files.

File permissions

VidiXplore file permissions

Hover the new “Permissions” icon to see who has access. By default, all instance users will get Modify permissions on all files, meaning right to modify Title and Metadata. Explicit user rights will always override group rights.

Granting permissions

VidiXplore granting permissions

Granting permissions requires access type “Full ” or being¬†Owner or Admin. When granting collection permissions, the same permission set can be propagated to all files in the collection. Hover the help-icons to get more information.

Group Management

VidiXplore group management

Segment your users in logical access groups instead of granting explicit user access to your collections and files. Ability to create, edit and delete groups requires Group Manager rights, defined per user in “Users and Billing”.