Vidispine 4.8 is out on AWS Marketplace

By Vidispine - March 19, 2017 (Last updated: April 24, 2017)

We have updated AWS Marketplace with the new Vidispine 4.8 version. Starting a new Vidispine instance through AWS Marketplace will give you access to advanced Aspera integration, 8K RED support, Amazon S3 transfer acceleration, and of course improvements and bug fixes.

Vidispine on AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace is now updated to Vidispine version 4.8, giving you this version when you spin up a new instance. You can, of course, update your already running Vidispine instance to 4.8 through our official repo. Version 4.8 bring you Aspera FASP storage transfers, Amazon S3 transfer acceleration, and support for RED 8K files among other things.

Besides new features we have also made some improvements, for example:

The full list of improvements and bug fixes can be found in the API documentation release notes. We are of course already deep into development of Vidispine 4.9, releasing soon. As always, keep an eye here on the blog for sneak previews.