The Missing Piece for Your AWS Snowball Archive

By Vidispine - May 22, 2017 (Last updated: February 13, 2020)

We know some of you have huge archives you need to store at a low cost while being able to browse and restore files from it. We have created VidiXplore Vault to give you the possibility to import AWS Snowball archives directly to VidiXplore.

AWS Snowball is an excellent tool for moving your archive into the cloud. We make sure that it’s still accessible for use when you have moved it. With VidiXplore you can import your full archive into the VidiXplore Vault and immediately get it discoverable. VidiXplore Vault gives you:

  • Super-fast import of large AWS Snowball archives.
  • Tag, search and explore your archived files.
  • Restore archived files as a CloudCopy and get full access to VidiXplore functionality.

VidiXplore Vault Panel

We have added a new panel to the Your Account page, where you can handle all things related to Vault. To get started you need to contact us, and we will set it up for you based on the size of the archive, and the number of files in it. When your Vault is ready, you will be greeted with an import button on the Vault panel. The button will get you through connecting the S3 bucket containing the archive you want to import. When the S3 bucket is connected, VidiXplore will immediately start to import the full archive and create web-friendly versions for viewing. You can start exploring your archive as soon as the first file has been imported.

Vidixplore Vault In Progress

Select location Vault in the Location selector to view all archived files. Vault files are marked with a small Vault sign on the left side of the thumbnail. Perform any standard action such as subclipping, adding to collection or tagging on the archived files.  If you want to enable download of the original you need to restore the file as a VidiXplore CloudCopy.

Vidixplore Vault Explore View

We believe the VidiXplore Vault is the quickest way to have all your archived files discoverable in a web interface, without the cost of storing the archive in S3 or any other expensive online storage. Contact us and see how we can help you visualize your cloud archive. If you don’t have an account on VidiXplore, you can sign up to VidiXplore here.