Sneak Preview: New Options in 4.6 to Use VSA Without SSH Tunnel

By Isak - March 31, 2016 (Last updated: September 19, 2019)

Vidispine 4.6 comes with the option of configuring the communication between Vidispine Server and Vidispine Server Agent with finer granularity. One option is to not use SSH tunnels.

In Vidispine 4.4 and 4.5, VSA (Vidispine Server Agent) connects to VS (Vidispine Server) using SSH, that is, a secure tunnel is created to the cloud. While this is convenient, there are configurations that already have a secure network between VSA and VS, thus the SSH tunnels adds an unnecessary (but small) overhead.

In VS 4.6 we are adding the functionality to configure the link between VSA and VS manually. This is good news if you have connected the VSA and VS to the same VPN (VPC). It is also a great option if you are using VSA and VS in the same network, in order to make use of VSA’s capabilities of accessing remote storages (e.g. cloud storage) directly.

VSA without SSH tunnel illustration

For the direct connection to work, two configuration parameters have to be set. This is done on the VSA host. We recommend that you create a new file in /etc/vidispine/agent.conf.d/, or by adding to /etc/vidispine/agent.conf. The two parameters are:

  • directVSURI – Should be the https URI that the VSA uses to connect to VS, e.g.
  • vsaURI – Should be the URI that the VS uses to connect to VSA, e.g. If this parameter is not set, it will default to the address specified by configuration parameter bindAddress. If it is not set, it will use, which is probably not what you want.

Note. When changing the parameters, you should restart VSA (sudo service vidispine-agent-admin restart). As soon as these parameters are set, and VSA is started, the VSA should be listed in /API/vxa with status: ONLINE. No other means of communication is used between the VSA and VS. Hence, you can also use your own tunneling mechanisms if no direct network connection between the instances is available.

For SSH-less communication, both VS and VSA have to be on version 4.6 or higher.