Vidinet Updated With Azure Support and Better Import

By Vidispine - January 19, 2018

We have updated Vidinet with new functionality and now support Vidinet on Azure, import to Vidispine using a Vidinet transcoder, and image transcoding.


Vidispine Server 4.12 Released With Improved IMF Support

By Vidispine - January 19, 2018

We have released Vidispine Server 4.12 with improved IMF support, ability to transcoding during import using a Vidinet transcoder and better monitoring capabilities.


An Explanation of IMF Import Support in Vidispine Server pt2

By Isak - January 17, 2018

We added support for IMF in Vidispine Server 4.7. Now, with version 4.12, we have improved the import, modification, and export of IMF packages. Read about the enhancements released in 4.12 and 4.13. Since 4.13 IMF jobs are also Vidinet compliant.


Collections and Permissions in VidiXplore

By Patrik - December 13, 2017

In episode 2 of the VidiXplore mini-tutorials we learn how to quickly move many files into a new or existing collection, and take a look at the collection tree. We also see that we can move and clone collections, and assign different permissions to them. Finally, we take a look at permissions.


Your Content Anywhere Explorable in One Place

By Patrik - December 1, 2017

From content on the photographer’s AWS S3 bucket, your in-house team’s Dropbox account, somewhere on your servers, and your Head of Marketing’s laptop, to everything viewable in one place, taggable, findable and treated as one library, to files ready to share, we have you covered in this mini-tutorial series. This is part 1 of N – exploring your media files in one place.


Our Latest improvements to the Vidixplore Experience

By Patrik - November 22, 2017

Today nobody likes slow. We want all information right at our fingertips as fast a possible. We realized that Vidixplore did not deliver on what we all have come to expect from a performant web application, so we spent the last months rewriting large parts of it. We are happy to say the new version is finally live for you to try out!


Vidispine joins Arvato Systems

By Erik - November 10, 2017

When we founded Vidispine 2009, we wanted to build a software platform to make it easier than ever before to build innovative, video-based, solutions. Now we join The Bertelsmann family as part of the Arvato Systems group and continue our path with a much stronger organization to back us up and partner with.


Vidispine Server 4.11 Now Released

By Vidispine - November 2, 2017

Vidinet – A Primer For Vidispine Users

By Vidispine - September 28, 2017