Remapping Audio

By Isak - July 8, 2015

Using the transcode preset associated with the shape tag, it is really easy to map audio to different channels/streams.


Moving Sidecar XMLs to a Dedicated Folder

By Patrik - July 2, 2015

What are you doing with you sidecar XMLs after you are done with the import? You can of course delete them, but you can also move or copy them to another folder for keeping.


Extract EXIF Metadata With Vidispine

By Patrik - July 2, 2015

Metadata can be loaded from different sources, e.g, directly from EXIF.


Helper URIs for Visualising Hierarchies

By Patrik - June 26, 2015

Sometimes it’s easier to get an overview over how your entities are related from a graphical representation. This tip shows how you could do that using a few API calls and Graphviz.


Getting Started With the Vidispine API

By Isak - June 23, 2015

Vidispine is using a RESTful API to enable you to implement video in your own applications with ease, no matter what language or framework you are using. The advanced APIs make it easy to create custom solutions for the most complex requirements.

New Tech for Live Recording and Algorithmic Stabilization

By Erik - June 23, 2015

We are passionate about anything in the cross section between video, live and metadata. If it also includes advanced math and APIs you got our attention. So if you share this geeky interest with us you need to read up on Imint Vidhance.


Introduction to the Vidispine Data Model

By Patrik - June 22, 2015

The Vidispine data model is constructed to be as flexible and efficient as possible. This will enable you to implement your workflows as you want, while still being ready for any future changes.