New Tech for Live Recording and Algorithmic Stabilization

By Erik - June 23, 2015 (Last updated: April 3, 2017)

We are passionate about anything in the cross section between video, live and metadata. If it also includes advanced math and APIs you got our attention. So if you share this geeky interest with us you need to read up on Imint Vidhance.

Live + Video + Metadata – So what?

Video consumption is growing at an exceptional rate, unfortunately most of it is really shitty stuff, hardly worth watching. The good news is that great video content can be really engaging. At the same time ‘live’ and ‘near-live’ video content simply because it’s fresh and with an abundance of things to watch we forget very quickly. So, here you go, the perfect storm. Lots of video content, if you don’t find it instantly it’s forgotten, and a constant chase for attention from whoever produced it. That’s when metadata, and, in this case, quality, kicks in. You want your live feeds to be of high quality and auto-tagged so your audience can find it immediately since it will be forgotten within a few hours.

Tech to watch – Imint?!

An old friend of ours, [link title=”Steve Sharman” href=”” target=”_blank”]Steve Sharman[/link], sent me [link title=”Techcrunch” href=”” target=”_blank”]this link[/link] today, and even if we haven’t had the chance to test the software (yet) it made me very enthustiastic. From what it looks you can auto correct live video, but not only that, you can also extract interesting objects and how they move. For us at Vidispine, that is super interesting metadata that we would tag and make available via our APIs. An object could be separated out based on motion and tagged whenever it appears. It would also be possible to do analysis on faces, the background and really anything in the video by combining multiple algorithms. Finally Vidispine could also live edit and conform the output stream based on rules and metadata.

Think I need to see if we can set up a meeting with the Imint guys 🙂

You can find their latest software release here.

Let us know what you think? How can this be used?