Interacting with Video Content

By Patrik - July 28, 2015 (Last updated: April 3, 2017)

Even as video is more and more used in advertising, education, etc, it’s not that simple to make it an interactive experience, except maybe for clickable spots in the video that leads to new pages, thus breaking the experience.

This is a problem that Spotful solves in an elegant way, by embedding functionality directly into videos.

VentureBeat writes

“The platform, in development for the past ten months, offers drag-and-drop web-based tools for creating videos that show apps like Google Maps, Twitter, or Eventbrite working in an overlay, on top of the video.”

in an article that explains well what Spotful is doing with video. This brings the video alive in a new way, and will allow anyone to add a rich experience to video, and get people to interact directly in the actual video without leaving it.

It would work wonders for interactivity in full screen environments, like a mobile phone or tablet, to avoid having to flip between apps, and losing the experience. I can also see it work well on large size touch screens like products using Microsoft PixelSense technology.

This is just the beginning of innovation of more immersive experiences in video. Today this requires specific players and editing tools, but I can see that  in the future there will be a common metadata format describing interactive objects in a video, and any player supporting that type of interactivity could make use of that metadata and display what is need to interact.