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IBC 2024

Meet our experts, let us showcase our latest innovations, and get a demo of Vidispine's portfolio elements.

Peter BC

Let's meet at the IBC 2024, in RAI Amsterdam

Friday, 13. September 2024 - Monday, 16. September 2024

RAI Amsterdam

We are going to the IBC SHOW in RAI, Amsterdam, and we look forward to meeting you. You will find Vidispine's Media Experts at Booth 7.A15 where we will showcase our latest innovations and product highlights. Let us help you discover how to maximize your media potential with our Vidispine portfolio.

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Maximize Your Media Potential with Vidispine

Vidispine provides content owners with a fully managed media supply chain backbone giving you the necessary tools to quickly adapt to changing media industry needs and business requirements. We also offer advanced automated spot placement fulfillment solutions that maximize revenue by employing an intelligent placement approach tailored to customer goals, in addition to an integrated media planning and rights management solution across platforms. We enable companies working with media to focus on their core business by providing easy access to technology that supports their business needs. We'd like to show you what we can offer at the IBC 2024.

Our IBC 2024 Portfolio Highlights


VidiNet is a cloud-based platform and the foundation for a broad range of applications and services. Whether you want to focus on creating or enhancing your MAM or PAM, or your MSC, VidiNet provides the tools you need to pick and combine the applications and services you need - how you need them and when you need them.

With our content platform’s continuously growing palette of services and integrations, we look forward to showcasing our latest enhancements in face recognition and automated quality control.

Media Asset Management

The Core - VidiCore is a powerful, cloud-native, engine for managing, organizing, indexing, and transforming your assets into distributable content for a variety of platforms using different workflows. VidiCore operates as state-of-the-art media-management backend and object repository that can easily be set up on-premise, in-cloud, hybrid, or as a fully managed SaaS solution for maximum scalability and flexibility. 

Search, Find, and Organize - Search, browse, collect, and distribute. Journalists, content producers, and media managers alike need to access vast amounts content and do so quickly and easily. MediaPortal makes this possible by delivering a unified user interface that aids users to identify what is relevant and reorganize it for more efficient collaboration.

Advanced Automated Spot Placement and Fulfillment

Improve your advertising quality and maximize revenue with our sophisticated algorithm-driven engine. Our AI Powered TV Ad-Server automates the placement process, taking into account customer goals, advertising guidelines, and your own business objectives. Whether you're dealing with GRPs, specific placements, impressions, multi-channel shares, flight periods, day-parts, or spot lengths, our solution boosts your delivery quality significantly.

VidiNet Product Highlights IBC23

MediaPortal & DeepVA: Experience the future of content management with advanced face recognition and training capabilities. Unlock powerful insights and streamline your workflow. Add value to your metadata - the smart way.

VidiControl SRT Recording Say goodbye to streaming woes! Capture seamless, high-quality streams with VidiControl SRT technology. Quality and reliability can go hand in hand.

VidiEditor's Keyframe Magic: Elevate your content with Hollywood-level effects and animations using our keyframe-based editing. Your vision, your masterpiece – because there is magic in every frame.

Integrated Media Planning and Rights Management Across Platforms

Maximize Your Content's Value with Avatega: Your Efficient Solution for Managing Complex Linear and Non-linear Contractual Rights, Intellectual Properties, and Content Schedules.

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Your Contacts for IBC 2024

Dirk Steinmeyer
Expert for Broadcast Solutions - Europe & MEA
Philipp Schüller
Expert for Broadcast Solutions
Peter BC
Peter Booth-Clibborn
Sales Manager - Worldwide with focus on UK