If you install Vidispine from the repository, it requires a valid license in order to run. The license controls how many items and storages may exist in the system, and which encoders and decoders are available.

Vidispine API as-a-service, available in Vidinet includes the needed licenses.

License Inquiry

Contact us to obtain a license for Vidispine Server or the Vidispine Server Agent.

Vidispine API as-a-Service

If you are just getting started with Vidispine, the quickest way to get going is to head over to Vidinet and spin up a new Vidispine API Starter Edition instance.

Vidispine API as-a-Service Starter Edition

With that, you get a fully managed Vidispine API and $300 worth of credits that will take you through a week of testing. No downloading, no installing, no licenses, it’s just an open road to your first application. You can just as easily connect a Vidispine Server Agent to it directly from the Vidinet Dashboard. Read more about Vidinet here.