API-based media asset management platform

Vidispine Server

Vidispine Server is an API-based media asset management platform. The feature-rich RESTful API allows you to focus on your application development instead of video technology. Vidispine Server scales with you from prototype to a global enterprise system.

Solving the hard problems with video


Think for a minute about how valuable data is to what you do. Then spend a moment on if you use data and metadata in your video workflow or communication as much as you would like.

Vidispine Server is metadata-driven, allowing you to specify multiple generic and configurable metadata models in the same repository, capturing all information you need on any object in the database. The metadata granularity spans from repository down to objects in a video frame, giving you perfect control over all content.


The number of media formats you need to handle grows fast. You need to adapt not only to new standards but also to new distribution chains, audience platforms, cameras, and devices.

The Vidispine transcoder handles all container management with transcoding and transwrapping between all containers. With own and state-of-the-art third party codecs we support all aspects of your workflow. Advanced subclipping and conform functionality allow you to extract any piece of media you need, and then join them with other files as needed.

Storage Management

Teams are working on your hi-res material in multiple locations around the world. Your client on the other side of the globe needs to approve the final version before going to bed.

Vidispine Server handles all the complexity of storage for you, being completely agnostic to the underlying storage technology. Use local and network storage together with cloud-based storage and third-party (object) storage vendors. The rule-based storage management gives you complete control over what goes where for all your storage locations, on item level, with automatically triggered file movements.


The side project that you and your friends created during the last six months was released. Then it goes viral in Asia with terabytes of uploaded videos you need to transcode.

Vidispine Server is a cloud-native, highly distributed, enterprise platform utilizing already well-established industry software for all infrastructure such as databases and search engines. The architecture consists of components that easily scale from a small on-premise server, via hosted environments to global cloud environments. Vidispine is agnostic to everything from OS to search engines, and can even operate in mixed environments.

Vidispine pricing overview

Vidispine Server is available on AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace for prototyping and commercial use. You can also install Vidispine in any suitable environment and buy a separate license. Cloud-based media services through Vidinet are available for all installations and licenses.

AWS/Azure Marketplace

from $0.25/hour

Start building solutions based on the Vidispine RESTful API with a 30-day trial of the Vidispine Server Developer’s Edition, from AWS or Azure Marketplace.

Bring your own license

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The Vidispine Server can also be bought with a separate license for large enterprise solutions, where you want complete control over every aspect of your environment.

Vidinet Media Services

from $0.032/minute

Extend your Vidispine installation with extremely scalable cloud-based media services such as with video transcoding and advanced quality control. Pay per content minute with no upfront costs.