API-based media asset management platform

Vidispine API

Vidispine Server is an API-based media asset management platform. The feature-rich RESTful API allows you to focus on your application development instead of video technology. Vidispine Server scales with you from prototype to a global enterprise system.

Solving The Hard Problems With Video

Metadata Management

Think for a minute about how valuable data is to what you do. Then spend a moment on if you use data and metadata in your video workflow or communication as much as you would like.

Vidispine Server is metadata-driven, allowing you to specify multiple generic and configurable metadata models in the same repository, capturing all information you need on any object in the database. The metadata granularity spans from repository down to objects in a video frame, giving you perfect control over all content.

Vidispine solves storage

Storage Management

Teams are working on your hi-res material in multiple locations around the world. Your client on the other side of the globe needs to approve the final version before going to bed.

Vidispine Server handles all the complexity of storage for you, being completely agnostic to the underlying storage technology. Use local and network storage together with cloud-based storage and third-party (object) storage vendors. The rule-based storage management gives you complete control over what goes where for all your storage locations, on item level, with automatically triggered file movements.

Search Engine

You have the perfect metadata setup and the tools you need to make sure every asset is properly tagged. Now you need to find that asset you know are there, and also make sure that only the right people can access your assets.

Use the built-in search engine to find any item or collection, based on any metadata in any combination. Support for faceted search and search within time intervals. Fine-grained access rights limit the results Vidispine return to the current user.


Vidispine API is now available as a service on the Vidinet Media Service Platform in three different editions. Cloud-based media services through Vidinet are available for all installations and licenses.


$49 / day

Vidispine API Starter Edition is the perfect choice for smaller media supply chain projects, as well as development projects, proof-of-concepts, testing new API features and explorative activities.

Team Edition

$165 / day

Vidispine API Team Edition is the perfect choice for production systems. All system components are configured in redundant failover clusters, powered by performant servers.


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When you need a full high availability service, extra performance, and dedicated scalability, it's time to go for the Scale Edition.